A New Product from Toshiba: Dynadock V

The head of a small business generally finds that a number of the office workers carry and use a laptop computer. Therefore, that same male or female boss must make available a means by which the laptop-carrying employee can use that mobile tool in the office, as well as at home. That need helps to reveal the purpose of a device such as Toshiba’s dyanadock V.

The dynadock V is an accessory, one that is designed to be used with a Universal USB docking system. It can help the workers in an office meet the expectations of a boss. That is especially true, when those expectations include the performance of a multiplicity of tasks.

Multitasking becomes easier, when an office worker can easily connect to any of several peripherals. Armed with dynadock V, an office employee can achieve control of several peripherals, and also connect a notebook to an external monitor. That achievement should ensure an employee’s attainment of what the boss sees as the desired level of job performance. That would be the ability to work on a number of different tasks at once.

The dynadock links all peripheral devices to one PC, using a single cable. It comes with a built-in HD Digital Video cord. That cord can connect to either a VGA or DVI monitor. However, it cannot connect to more than one monitor, during any defined period of time.

Dynadock V’s ability to plug into a group of common peripherals allows an employee to tackle a wider variety of challenges. Naturally, he or she can use a keyboard, listen to speakers and utilize a printer. However, that same employee can also do other things, such as view three displays at once. One display will be on the screen of the PC monitor; one will be on external equipment that is connected to the PC; a third will be on an external screen that in connected to the dynadock.

As mentioned an entire list of accessories can be added to the dynadock V. That includes a mouse, speakers, printers, a full sized keyboard and external hard drives. However, the posted literature on this new item from Toshiba does not indicate whether or not a scanner can also be added to that same accessory.

The posted information does make it clear that the person who uses that accessory can work with a piece of equipment that has four USB ports. One of those has a feature known as a sleep-and-charge front. That feature guarantees the availability of power, whenever the user needs it, in order to perform one or more tasks.

Dynadock V’s slim design should not be viewed as an indication that it can assist with only a limited number of tasks. Granted, it fails to add to the clutter on a desk. Still it allows the charging of an MP3 player or a cell phone, without the need for switching-on a laptop.

Another item that can be added to this Toshiba accessory is an HD monitor. The addition of that piece of equipment gives a worker the ability to communicate with members of various social networks. In addition, he or she can carry-out communications, by means of instant messaging.

Moreover, by adding an HD monitor, an employee can do a better and more effective job of viewing spreadsheets. By the same token, he or she can examine paired documents. On top of all that, he or she can sit back and look at a big entertainment screen.

Now the person who is charged with purchasing equipment for a small business might hesitate to buy something that can have so many things added to it. That purchaser might believe that an employee’s PC will have to be rebooted, each time an additional accessory has been connected to the dynadock V. However, a device can be added or removed from that item, without rebooting the associated PC.

The dynadock V allows a laptop to substitute for a desktop computer, without eliminating the inherent mobility of that same briefcase-like device. In fact, that laptop can become a most useful substitute for that larger and bulkier piece of technology. It can be connected to a headphone and the microphone jack for VOIP, or the system used for instant messaging.

Toshiba’s new product has been proven compatible with all Windows-based PCs. In addition, it comes with a one year standard, limited warranty. In other words it guarantees a full year of benefits, benefits derived from the ability to plug into a number of common peripherals. It aids creation of an office setting in which workers can manage and control an entire set of peripherals. Moreover, each office worker who owns and carries one of three designated laptops can connect that notebook to an external monitor, and can thus proceed to multitask in a most efficient manner.

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