All about Apple Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Apple is said to be most innovative brands in the gadgets and electronics field and its latest update to Operating system X (OS X) has brought a lot of new technologies and features to the Mac. But still the Mountain Lion is assumed to be the toughest OS to understand. Hence here are some of the simple tricks and tips mentioned to get you ease with the OS.

Getting started

Mountain Lion has got a lot of its features from the iOS which also includes the Notification Center. It collides the entire notifications at one place on your system helps you a lot in getting most your issues solved. It is very helpful if you know its function and also the process of customizing it.

The iCloud

Another thing that works in synchronizing all other Apple devices with the Mac is the iCloud. For this you need to turn on the iCloud and it will enable the transfer of the dta and files from your Mac to all the connected devices. You can also synchronize every individual app on the Apple devices, such as if you need to synchronize the contacts app you can turn on the app and easily synchronize it from the devices like iPad or the iPhones. You can also synchronize the calendars, notes, Safari reminders, bookmarks and lot more with the iCloud. All you need is to turn the particular app on and allow the synchronization with the respective app.

Face-Time Chat

Face-Time Chat is one of the amazing features of the Apple Mac OS X Mountain Lion which enables you to have the live face-to-face chat. After enabling the iCloud you can have the access to the Face-Time chat app. All you need to do is to log into the account with your Apple log in ID and add people who have this app installed and are using it. You can even choose adding people on your mobile devices which has the iOS6 integration, with which you can be able to chat in the real time with Face-Time app with the mobile users as well.


The advancement of the iChat is the iMessage with a lot of changes and improvement. This is an app which is mostly found in the iPAd and the iPhones which is named as a message app, which helps as the optimizer without using the SMS service. Addition to it, you can easily exchange the messages with other devices with the Wi-Fi connectivity with 3G enabled devices. This system works in the Apple devices especially with the devices which have iOS5 and above as the messages received in the text format of the SMS. While working with the Mac powered by the Lion Mountain lion you will be receiving the messages without logging into the chat. The most amazing thing about the iMessage is that it integrates the chat with the Yahoo messenger, G-Talk, Aim and Jabber as well. This is the best way to receive messages on your iMessage from any of your friends who is using any of these chats services. You will never miss any of the chat threads of the message and can pick the chat from there itself. With the iMessage app you can easily add the contacts and start your chat or enter the log in credentials of your Apple account and commence the chat any moment.

Set Reminders

You can create the reminders on your desktop that automatically sync via iCloud to all your iOS devices instantly. You can also set the categories of the reminders like creating the to-do list, and specify the devices to notify you the reminder as set in any of your Apple devices at the set time.

With the above mentioned tips ant features of using the Mountain Lion OS X version you can easily operate the devices. Apply and utilize these in making your tasks much better as they are truly helpful and amazingly designed.

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