Are You Emotional? Try This Self Assessment

Being endowed with strong emotions will affect your life in more ways than in the sexual relationship, dealt with in the previous questionnaire on being in love. The highly emotional subject is described as ‘hot blooded’, ‘excitable’, ‘wearing his heart on his sleeve’. It is a very human foible, and makes life far more colourful and exciting than it is for those who dispassionately examine the pros and cons of everything. The highly emotional person enjoys the utmost happiness; on the other hand, he is liable to suffer the depths of despair. But without them there would be no crusaders, no writers and artists, few politicians, and fewer public idols.

1. When you give or receive a birthday or Christmas present do you prefer:

a. a gift which is unusual and a complete surprise?
b. that it is the result of careful but secretive enquiries about the most desired acquisition?
c. that it should be something openly requested?


a. wisdom and intelligence?
b. power and wealth?
c.. gentleness and affection?

3. Hum or create in your mind a few bars of music—the first which comes to mind without pondering too long. Was it:

a. one of the current pop hits?
b. a song or tune of significance in your past life?
c. a part of a major classical work?

4. Which of these words seem to you the most appropriate to follow the word heart:

a. transplant?
b. beat?
c. throb?

5. If you had to choose a different age from the present in which to live would it be:

a. the simple, uncomplicated life of primitive man?
b. the exciting world of the twenty-first century?
c. the medieval period of chivalry and the Renaissance?

6. Recall the happiest occasion you experienced in the past twelve months. Was it:

a. connected with the acquisition of money, security, or the fulfillment of a materialistic ambition?
b. an exciting outing, party, or holiday?
c. a treat arranged by someone you love?

7. ‘Actions speak louder than words.’

a. True?
b. False?
c. It depends?

8. Solomon’s judgment of the two women disputing the ownership of a baby by advising the child be cut in half was:

a. a condemnation of the foolishness of women?
b. the unfeeling attitude typical of a man?
c. a demonstration of the need to temper justice with mercy?

9. One of the most usual dreams you experience is concerned with:

a. a situation in which you are the leading and admired character?
b. conditions where you are being harassed by pursuers or natural disasters?
c. you don’t dream?

10. The main factor by which famous women of history have enthralled men has usually been:

a. sexual attraction in the guise of beauty of face and figure?
b. a powerful personality to bend a man to their will?
c. an indefinable thing called charm?


1. a. 10, b. 5, c. 0
2. a. 5, b.0, c.10
3. a. 0, b. 10, c. 5
4. a. 10, b. 5, c. 0
5. a. 0, b. 10, c. 10
6. a.0 , b. 10, c.5
7. a.10, b.5, c.0
8. a.5, b.0, c.10
9. a. 10, b. 5, c. 0
10. a. 10, b. 0, c. 10

Strong emotions are no respecters of social customs and taboos, and sometimes clash with laws. Being highly emotional may not make you a fine and admired person, though it is virtually certain that you are very human, and whatever faults you have, they are not vicious or permanent.

A score of 90—100 suggests you change your attitudes frequently, get hunches, and suffer from unreasonable forebodings. It might help to pause and think more, but that way you would miss a lot of the excitement you find in living.

75—85 is the score of the deeply, rather than highly, emotional. Their feelings are warm and constructive, tinged with judgment but never suppressed by it.

55— 70: you have all the normal human feelings, but are prone to consider them childish or indicative of a weak character. You’d be more likeable if you let yourself go more often than you do.

50 and below: people probably envy your brain and your worldly success, but they cannot easily clamber over the in visible barriers which make you seem rather cold and mechanical.

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