Are You Successful in Your Life?

A feeling of success is a very personal one. No one can really judge whether you are a success or not. Time may prove you were a wonderfully successful person, just as it regularly reveals that the world’s admired idols had feet of clay. To this extent it is impossible for any psychological slide-rule to produce a measure denoting your success or failure as a human being on the standards set by society. What it can do is to indicate whether you yourself have fulfilled that basic principle of personal success ‘This above all to thine own self be true.’

1. In your honest, private opinion do you smoke and/or drink more than you really believe is reason able?

a. Yes.

b. No.

c. You’ve never bothered to consider the matter.

2. The main reason why people buy a colour TV set

a. to impress their friends?

b. to enjoy the entertainment science now provides?

C. t have the happiest possible home life?

3. If a friend of yours emulated Somerset Maugham’s famous character and left his ordinary job to go and paint pictures on a remote Pacific island would you consider him:

a. an irresponsible fool?

b. a courageous and ambitious man?

c. obviously going crazy?

4. Which of these phrases do you consider to be most true?

a. Events produce the man to mould them.

b. The man of power contrives to. produce the events he wants.

c. Events and the people involved in them are just quirks of Fate.

5. When you are involved in a dispute the best’ policy is:

a. compromise?

b. forceful argument?

c. retreat in order to fight another day?

6. A means of livelihood in which one is completely self-employed is attractive mainly because:

a. one’s true abilities are given full rein?

b. there’s no one frustrating your efforts?

c. it’s the fastest method of making a lot of money?

7. Faced with the tragic situation of suffering from an injury or disease immobilizing your legs but causing no danger to your life would your greatest dread be:

a. the impossibility of getting about as much as you did previously?

b. the trouble you would give to those caring for you?

c. the destruction of all chance of living a useful life?

8. You win $10,000 in a football pool. Would your first major expenditure be on:

a. travel?

b. gifts to charity, friends, and relatives?

c. the purchase of security in a business, house, shares, etc?

9. In your opinion the happiest period of a human being’s life is:

a. in childhood?

b. as a young adult?

c. whenever ambitions have been fulfilled?

10. The greatest gift a baby boy can enjoy as a birthright is:

a. wealth?

b. brains?

c. health?


1) a. 10, b. 10, c. 0

2) a. 0, b. 10, c. 5

3) a. 5, b. 10, c. 0

4) a. 0, b. 10, c. 5

5) a. 0, b. 10, c. 0

6) a. 10, b. 5, c. 0

7) a. 10, b. 5, c. 0

8) a. 0, b. , c. 10

9) a. 0, b. 5, c. 10

10) a. 0, b. 10, c. 5

Marking on this questionnaire can only give vague results.

Anything from 65 to 100 indicates that you feel you are reasonably successful and, more important, are full of optimism for greater success in the future.

45-60: you are probably young, and regard success as a distant blessing, but you privately believe that you are on the right route.

40 and below: you may feel you are doing well enough in one of the basic activities of life: social, family, or career. But you have forebodings about the other two. The solution shouldn’t be all that difficult to discover.

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