Are You Using All the LinkedIn Tools?

We all know what LinkedIn is. We are aware that it’s a highly influential space; where professionals network big time. And yet, I can bet that there aren’t many amongst us who have taken out time in past six months to get updates of LinkedIn & check out scope to utilize the medium better. My suggestion is go spend a few hours on it and know what is being influential really all about.

Coming to those of you who are active on LinkedIn; I want to ask if you all are capitalizing on all the tools available on the platform. As far as common ones like Custom Groups, Q &A, are concerned everyone knows about them; however when it comes to the tools that are useful but have been left to be explored by the user on his own, things have not taken off… who has the time to explore; we are rushed for time, used to spoon-feeds; show us the reviews, baby!

That’s the real story. With so many different marketing platforms vying for our attention aren’t we spreading ourselves too thin? We want to know about everything; be everywhere; and then one fine day, end up being nowhere. It’s so simple to name all the different platforms that we can use to promote our business online. But can we say it with confidence that there are two or three platforms or methods that we know inside out and can use to promote our business on the net? The answer will answer another question that I am not even talking about over here.

I have observed that successful people are clear in their minds as to which two or three main methods they will focus on to get ahead, and they stick to it; with that said, its time to come back to LinkedIn and the less utilized tools that they have, which I want to talk to and share with small business owners today that will help them take their business to a new height.

LinkedIn’s Partner Messages Module: It’s a highly effective tool that helps to send messages by using its InMail messaging service; Partner Messages can be customized and are hand delivered to targeted members within the group.

When Partner Messages reach the recipient they are placed at the top of member’s LinkedIn inbox, which obviously improves messages’ visibility and impact.

Partner Messages Module allows only one message every minute for the recipient that he can receive which means marketers can communicate their brand message with improved chances of being read and pondered over.

Poll is another useful service that they provide. With its help you can do market research online within no time. What more, you can even integrate this poll through Facebook or Twitter, or implant the voting program if you have your own website or blog.

LinkedIn facilitates Display Ads using which user can target and reach highly potential and business minded professionals. It’s a method to get your hands on targeted advertising that will help the users to drive maximum returns from your budget.

Another of their lesser known yet highly effective services is called Recommended Ads. Small business owners utilize this facility by displaying ads that have references and positive reviews that a small-business owner’s products or services have generated on their LinkedIn Page.

Then there is a service called targeted status update: This feature directly influences the relevance of conversations between companies and the user using this facility. This feature is directly accessible from LinkedIn’s Company page.

It enables the user who is also an entrepreneur to customize suitable and appropriate messages to be forwarded to professionals who follow their company. ON your part you just have to ensure that the right people are seeing the right content.

This means that the key to success lies in the fact that how much you know your targeted audience, the better you know them the more ways you can find to reach them.

Engagement Analytics Module: Readers are also interested in knowing as to which metric is the best for user to gauge the outcome of his efforts. Well, the answer to this is – that though measures and metrics may differ from person to person, generally all business firms, small or big want to see increase in number of visits and engagements.

Once this curve is on a rise you can confidently say that your buyers or fans are on the verge of becoming your marketers. Engagement analytics is a feature that is accessible on any established Company Page, which makes it suitable for entrepreneurs to keep an eye on their progress.

But before you start exploring and using these tools build reputation and name for yourself on LinkedIn. To get this right follow three simple steps.

Make a positive impact through your profile, let it read who you are, what you do, how can you help; what you believe in etc. make is sound professional and yet don’t let it lose human touch. Reader should feel like he is in a conversation with you.

When you go on to create group, make sure you do it with a certain focus. Don’t send out invites to all and sundry, on the contrary be industry specific. It will help you network with people who share same interests and passions as yours. This means you will be interested in keeping in touch a lot more than you do with people at random. Also you will be able to contribute a lot more when they send out poll or ask for help or suggestion.

Third point to keep in mind is to remain as active as possible on Q-A forum. Ask, reply, help, intervene, simplify, congratulate, sort out, and set a direction etc to communications happening there. Participate in whichever way that you find most sensible.

If you will do this your reputation as well traffic, both will get a great boost. One can let the other down, so be careful on that front.

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