Building a Blog That Will Generate Business for You

Whether you are selling airport taxi services, carpet cleaning or plumbing services; or whether you are selling yourself as a writer or lifestyle consultant; whatever it be; if you are marketing yourself or a product via your blog, make sure your blog does a good job of it. Meaning it doesn’t just bring eyeballs to your blog; but it also generates business enquiries for you; & these enquiries get converted into sales. Building a blog that sells is about creating a upbeat and optimistic aura for your potential client.

I will share some information that I have gathered over time from my own experience as well as experience of fellow bloggers. I have compiled all the information in an easy to read article. Hope you find the it helpful and enjoy reading through it.

Content Yes-Yes: If you want to attract prospective clients to your blog ensure that the content on your blog focuses on a specific topic; is well laid; & boasts of a well planned architecture.

Your content should scan-able, tightly woven together; rich in its substance; written from client’s point of view. Tendency of bloggers to padding up posts to meet the minimum word limit reflects upon blogger’s poor knowledge about building a successful blog. The bloggers would rather spend this time thinking of innovation.

Content No-No’s – Overstuffing of keywords and commitments that can’t be fulfilled should be avoided at all costs.

Your Groundwork should be Solid:

Building a solid foundation and remaining consistent is the key to readying your blog for greener pastures ahead. For the blog to bring you success, make it as resourceful as possible.  Whether you are selling yourself as a writer or are selling a product on your blog, make sure that it has all the necessary information that the client would find useful. Content that aspires him / her to buy your product or employ your services. Pages such as `Help’ `Order’ `Price’ `Payment Mode’, `About Us’ etc should be prominently placed and should be self explanatory.

An incomplete blog with either exaggerated or incorrect information will put off spider as well as the visitor for good. It will require planning, thinking, writing, and publishing – i.e. extra hours of work on your part.

Never Be Afraid of Losing a Client to Your Price Tag

If you are confidence about your product and services, and you’ve conveyed it to your visitor successfully, you will always have clients visiting and buying your products.

Don’t be scared to sell yourself or your product for a price that it deserves. If you are NOT a `$2 per article’ person, don’t hesitate in letting the readers know about it. If your product is priced higher than your competitor’s and you genuinely feel yours is a better product, then don’t fidget with the price tag. Convey and explain these things confidently and convincingly to your reader.

Never be afraid of losing clients because of your seemingly high price tag; people are selling better things online, at much higher price. You can never lose a client for charging the right price. Also keep an important thing in mind that it’s always something else that fails to click with the client for which he leaves you, price is never really a reason.

 Clean Up your Blog

A neat blog will earn better reputation and money for you than a cluttered one. So make sure all the desperate affiliate banners you have placed all around are removed and there are limited items being promoted on your blog.  Multiple links and sale banners and buttons will only reflect your desperation for earning money which is not the right image to project; it can particularly hurt your core business or career.

Let you explain it to you with the help of an example. If you are selling a service or a product and have also placed a few affiliate links on your blog, the first outcome is your blog has too many links, which will distract the visitor. Second thing is when the client is looking for your services or product and reaches your blog, these affiliate links will reduce your chances of being hired. By placing affiliate links on your site where you are basically marketing yourself or your own product, you are marring your own chances.

Instead use the same space and time for writing new interesting posts related to your product, highlighting its feature, introducing the revised version, or if you are selling your writing services, then write about the Phillip that your writing  can offer to your client’s business; types of writing assignments you do; etc.

Who Is Your Client?

What Are You Looking For? Seven thousand regular visitors coming to your blog or 150 niche clients finding your site majority of whom will become leads and some will eventually settle for either the product your blog is selling (a writing course ) or your writing services? Tell me which option sounds more interesting for you? Obviously the second option right? This means you have to focus on drawing attention of the audience who really matter. Not people generally surfing around aimlessly. So that is one point.

Understanding What Your Potential Client is Looking For

Second point is after you know which set of people you are looking for; you have to understand that until you recognize your client’s taste and what he is looking for, you will always end up serving the wrong meal to him/her. It is therefore important that you understand what is the client looking for; the exact features in the product; what’s the solution he is seeking; his budget; his expectations; his tolerance limit, etc.

How to Get these Answers?

And to get answers to all these questions you will have to learn to listen. If you have already spent a few months or some years writing on Face Book, My Space, and Twitter; remember that you’ve only been doing the talking so far.  Not listening; so now its time to slow down a bit and listen. To do this you will either have to read discussions happening on various forums related to your topic or initiate discussions that would trigger reactions from people, so that you can read their opinion and comments and understand their point of view. This gives a realistic insight into your clients mind and what does he expect from you or the product.

Don’t Allow Too Many Guest Posts on Your Blog

Indeed guest posts are a great way to get content on your site at regular intervals, build back-links, get constant attention and indexing from spiders, and so on. However, these are not the most effective ways to hold your visitor’s attention and engage him.

Remember when a visitor reaches your blog, you should be there interacting with him not guest posts on the roll. It makes a different impact when the owner of the blog acknowledges their presence, comments, and feedback. For how long a guest post can keep him on the blog; but if you are there attending to your visitor’s needs; offering a free eBook, asking him to register for his newsletter etc it’s different. So guests’ posts in a way are distracting, so make sure you are there for your valued visitor.

Your Visitor Should Instantly Be Able to Contact You

Amidst the chaos remember to show your visitor ways to contact you. Your blog should clearly suggest how you can be contacted for anything, be it business enquiry, feedback, or complaint. Your address along with phone number, email id should be clearly mentioned in prominent place.

If you will keep these points in mind while building your blog you will be able to connect with your visitor more easily at a human level. Its very easy for blogs to look swanky and talk impressive and intimidating stuff but that only puts off people, the real buyers who were here to buy, because how much ever impressed they might be, they will not buy from you because they cannot relate with you.

Your blog should be neat and should be able to strike an instant connect with your clients, if not all, then at least some of them. If you implement the points I have suggested and they bring results, don’t forget to come back and post a comment, so that the newcomers can relate to the post better and read the content having more faith in it.

Reader’s comments, contribution and feedback are welcome.

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