Building a Website that Will Never Fail You & Your Business

Nobody in the world can give 100% guarantee that your website will be on number one position on search engines for your chosen phrases – however there is a possibility that you meet or come across someone who will promise you success with your website and online entrepreneurship; AND will live up to his promise one hundred percent.

If both the above sentences mean and sound same to you – i.e. being at number one position and being successful – don’t mind, but you do need to take a break, get into some learning business; and come back with a fresh mind.

Today I am going to discuss some sure shot techniques that, if you succeed in implementing on your website, it will most certainly help you and your business stands out and grow. I am going to share this information with you in two formats. One in a capsule format where I will just name the aspect; and in second method I am going to break open the capsule and discuss every ingredient in detail.

Capsule format will work better for experienced and semi experienced webmasters and will act as a reminder; but for the beginner who is still trying to get familiar with website marketing, second type will work better, because he will be able to learn about each element of website individually and will be able to connect everything together to understand and arrive at success mantra.

Capsule: Content – SEO – Design – Competitor – Promotion and Marketing – Speed – Email – RSS Feeds – Monetization

If you have these seven to eight elements properly laid out on your website – nobody can stop success. I know some websites that are doing good business, getting great reviews from clients, they even being recommended to friends over emails; social media like face book, twitter and free blogs set up for it are sending traffic their way – everything is going right for them.

If you look closer you will realise that all this action is happening externally. The site is not drawing or attracting any traffic based on its own basic merit. For your site to compete on its own merit it will have to be found in organic searches; and including the above eight elements can make it possible for you.

Driving traffic from any source is fine, and social media is hot, so why not! Well, nothing is wrong with that. It’s a great source to get traffic. INDEED it is. But your main source which is your website is not getting any direct traffic. What about that? Is it not supposed to? Isn’t it why you built it in the first place? If a Face Book or twitter can send traffic your way, shouldn’t your own website do the same or even better for you? This means you need to work on your website. Agree?

So let’s get into the details, break open the capsule that is.

The content on your site should be to the point, useful, focus on user benefit, should aspire the buyer within reader to take action. At the same time should not be overpromising and loud putting off the visitor. Be careful to repair spelling and grammatical mistake too. They happen to be worst put offs.

Quality of content on one hand, aspires visitor and on the other, it makes your website link & citation worthy. It’s a huge test to get through – but if you can learn the skill to achieve it, content will never be a brake but a steering wheel for your vehicle called website that will drive your website to the path of success.

Primary SEO must be in place: Second thing you should take care of, is that your website should meet the basic criteria of SEO. Meta tags in place, wisely chosen keywords and phrases, headline and anchor texts, good interlinking, sitemap in place, minimal use of flash, no unethical practice and so on. And for this basic job you won’t have to pay a fortune to hire SEO, please don’t insist on paying peanuts either, because then you know what you will get! Jokes apart basic SEO is something you can work on your site yourself after reading and understanding the subject.

Designing of your website is another angle – SEO compliant website will do wonders for your website. If you are optimizing your website for search engines you might as well allow search engine spiders to allow indexing it. For this you will have to avoid flash, unethical SEO practices and take care of a few other things. Navigation is part of designing so make sure its visitor friendly and adheres to rules set by leading search engines.

For saving a few pennies don’t put your business at stake and try to design it yourself or pay peanuts again. Pay someone who is good and understands the SEO aspect of website, because it’s finally SEO that will rank your website so if your web designer creates a site with SEO in mind, better. Like leaving space for headline at the top, sitemap link at the top. Images always accompanied with alt tags etc. Another important point, first fold of your webpage should ideally say everything about your website, and your product and your objective for being online (how can you help the visitor).

Understand competition and competitors: you will have to understand that to stay ahead of your competitors, your product will have to be better than theirs, your presentation will have to be better, your marketing reach and techniques will need to be more sophisticated, you will have to make effort to be more innovative, original. Your content will have to be original, and talk to them and not at them. You will also have to understand what your competitor is up to. What’s he targeting, how, what are the techniques and key phrases he is focusing on? Whom is he linking to? If your competitor is stronger than you, befriend him/her. Try and get a live link on his site.

Easy to Load Site will do much better for you and your visitor than a site that is heavy, full of images and which takes a few seconds to load. Remember that we have only a few seconds of attention span of our visitor, if we don’t manage to grab their attention in that span of 5 to 7 seconds we have lost the visitor we worked so hard to get to our site. And if within those 5 seconds that client is with is our site is only loading itself, God save us!

Promoting and marketing the site should happen in accordance with a plan. It’s an important element which helps sites to reach to their target audience. It builds credibility and reputation.

There are many ways of doing it, above everything is good content – when you write compelling and original content your web page will automatically become link worthy and many people will link to it. But for you to link to high traffic sites and blogs, join forums, post blog comments, participate in online discussions, write quality posts for blogs, and do article marketing and so on. Join social media groups – not to forget they are season’s t hottest and highest selling cake.

People make an entire site and ignore contact details. Please make sure your contact details are on each and every page, wherever the client lands he should be able to contact you without having to spend time looking for your address and contact details.

Open to doors to money and sales – after you have accomplished all the above objectives on your site from content to contact details, its time to join some affiliate programs, PPC campaigns, or by selling your own products on the site etc. Just make sure you do everything in moderation. It will take time to get your first sale, but it will happen because the track will lead you to success.

Everything I have explained in this article is about organic way of growing and succeeding online. Don’t let a false promise ruin it!

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