Circular Letters Samples and Examples

1. Enclosing new Price List


We beg to call your attention to the enclosed revised Price List. We are happy to announce that, owing to careful buying on a large scale, we have been able to tfiect a further reduction in many lines, and we are con vinced that no more favourable terms are obtainable. We especially direct your attention to Section V (china and glassware), in which we are able to offer many striking novelties at remarkably low prices.

We hope you will shortly pay us a visit, or, if this is not possible, will avail yourself of our “Shopping by Post” system, full details of which will be found in the enclosed Price List.

Your orders shall always receive our best attention.

Yours faithfully,

2. On Opening new Premises

Mr. H. L. Purvis begs to announce that he is shortly opening new and commodious premises at 44—46 High Street, as a Poulterer’s and Fishmonger’s. The best quality goods will be supplied at moderate

prices, and no effort will be spared to give customers the utmost satisfaction. The building has been fitted up on the most modem hygienic principles, thus securing perfect cleanliness and freshness.

The premises will be open on June 16th, when Mr. Purvis respectfully begs the honour of your patronage.

3. On Extension of Premises


I beg to call your attention to the opening of the extension of these Premises at 48 High Street, , where I am starting a Fruit and flower Department.

In thanking you for past favours, I venture to hope for the continuance of your patronage and its extension to the new department. Best quality goods will be supplied at moderate prices, and every effort will be made to give my customers complete satisfaction.

Assuring you that your orders shall always have my best attention,

I beg to remain,
Yours respectfully,

4. Announcing Sale


We beg to advise you that our Spring Sale will open on March I5th, and enclose catalogue showing a few of the great bargains that will be offered.

Prices have been reduced in some cases by over 50%, and in all departments exceptional opportunities are offered of obtaining high-class goods at prices far below cost. These are all goods bought for our general stock, and therefore are in every way up to the high standard of quality on which our reputation is based.

We hope you will be able to pay us a visit and make your own selections. If you are unable to do so, however, we shall be happy to reserve for you any goods ordered from the enclosed catalogue, to be dispatched on March 15th. Orders by post cannot be received after that date.

As all prices have been so greatly reduced, we can only sell these goods on a cash basis, and remittance in full must accompany orders. We pay carriage on all orders over L in value.

Assuring you always of our best attention, and awaiting your commands,

We are, Madam,
Yours obediently,

5. Offering Special Goods


We have received advices of a consignment of dolls from our agents in Stuttgart. These are very fine models, superior to anything on the market at present, and, as we have secured the entire consignment at exceptional prices, we are able to offer them to our customers at a very attractive figure.

We enclose list, giving sizes and prices. If you would like to avail yourself of this offer, please let us hear from you by return, as our supply is limited and the models cannot be repeated this year.

The consignment is now at the docks, so that immediate delivery can be made.

Yours faithfully,
HALLAM & Co., Lit.

6. Notifying Change in Partnership

Messrs. Noakes, White, and Allen beg to announce that Mr. J. Noakes has now retired from partnership, and the firm will in future be known as White and Allen.

7. Ditto


We beg to notify you that Mr. James Noakes has now become a partner in this firm, which will in future be known as White, Allen, and Noakes.

Yours faithfully,

8. On Taking over Business


I beg to notify you that, on the retirement of Mr. J. Brown, I have taken over the business conducted by him under the style of 3. & T. Brown.

I propose to trade under the same title and hope to maintain the firm’s high tradition for quality, moderate prices, and prompt and courteous attention.

As I have worked with Mr. Brown for many years, I fully understand your requirements, and beg to assure you that your commands shall always have my best attention.

Yours respectfully,
(Manager for Messrs. J. & T. Brown for iS years).

9. Notifying Change of Agent


We beg to notify you that we have appointed Mr. K. L. Read, of • our sole representative in London,

in place of Mr. L. P. Stone. Mr. Read hopes to have the pleasure of calling upon you shortly, and we trust you will favour him with a continuance of your inquiries and orders.

Yours faithfully,

10. Announcing Change of Manager


We beg to advise you that Mr. H. L. White ceased to be our General Manager on the 15th of this month and has no authority to act for us in any respect.

Mr. K. L. Allen has been appointed to succeed him.

Yours faithfully,
pp. BROWN & SONS, Ltd.

11. Notice of Suspension of Payment


Owing to heavy losses, we find ourselves unable to carry on our business without grave risk, and have decided to suspend payment, believing this to be the best course to take in the interests of our creditors.

We have placed our books in the hands of Messrs. — & —, who will prepare a statement of our affairs and convene a meeting of creditors, at which we hope to make proposals that will be found acceptable.

Yours faithfully,

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