Do You Have Charm? This Quiz Can Tell

Charm is a natural gift. Children and young animals have it in abundance, but more often than not it weakens with the years. Charm is a mixture of honesty and simplicity, and is the asset of natural-born ladies and gentlemen. So charm has much to do with good manners, sensitivity, and consideration for. others. This, by the way, is genuine charm—not the spurious kind exhibited by TV commercial actors or calculating saleswomen who want to charm— i.e. cajole and persuade—other people. Inborn charm probably offers no materialistic benefit to its owner, beyond making him or her a delightful person to know.

I. Because of a personal problem it’s necessary for you to consult an expert. Which of these methods would you prefer to adopt:

a. telephone or write?
b. meet with a third party, a mutual friend of both you and the expert, present?
c. have a brief and businesslike face-to-face inter view?

2. If you have to persuade a taxi-driver to take you on a long trip late at night which he need not legally undertake, is your best policy:

a. to offer him a large tip in advance?
b. to explain your predicament and ask for his help?
c. to demand that he does the job as a public service?

3. Are your friends:

a. mostly or your own sex and age?
b. mostly relatives?
c. too varied to classify?

4. The hair style, dress fashion, or type of shoes you are now wearing are, in at least one instance:

a. copied from a well-known personality in the entertainment or fashion world?
b. adopted because you personally preferred them?
c. adopted because a shop assistant persuaded you?

5. At a party you know only your hosts. Until things warm up do you:

a. find a chair out of the limelight and sit there?
b. insinuate yourself into the nearest group of guests?
c. monopolize your hosts’ company?

6. When reading a newspaper do you:

a. flick through all the pages?
b. dutifully read the news items the editor has regarded as most important because they have big headlines?
c. concentrate on the gossip, pictures, and cartoons?

7. If you were to choose your ideal career would it –

a. buying and selling merchandise?
b. in one of the sciences such as medicine, engineering, chemistry?
c. in a risky but potentially rewarding activity such as politics, professional sport, or some artistic pursuit?

8. Which of these is the virtue you would most like to have:

a. compassion?
b. imagination?
c- honesty?

9. Your idea of the ideal Summer holiday is to:

a. visit a b resort with every kind of modem recreational facility?
b. tour beautiful and famous places?
c. have a lazy, happy-go-lucky time at a resort where you can live simply?

10. You’ve completely forgotten an anniversary, an appointment, or an errand involving someone of whom you are fond. Do you consider your best policy would be to:

a. confess your forgetfulness?
b. make such an ingenious excuse it will be believed?
c. say nothing in the hope that the person concerned will not start a dispute?


1. a. 5, b. 0, c. 10
2. a.0, b. 10, c. 0
3. a. 5, b. 0, c. 10
4. a. 0, b. 10, c. 5
5. a. 5, b. 10, c. 0
6. a. 5, b. 0, c. 10
7. a. 10, b.0, c. 5
8. a. 10, b. 5, c. 5
9. a. 0, b. 5, c. 10
10. a. 10, b.5, c. 0

Charm is a powerful but almost indefinable asset, and really charming people are unaware of the fact that they are richly endowed with it.

So if you score 80-100 you will probably be surprised, but others won’t, They know you have it as of right, and don’t put it on like a coat.

60-75: the charm you started out with still shows, but you insist on some real or imagined defect—lack of education, a feeling of inferiority, age—disguising it.

55 and under: you have persuaded yourself that charm is unsophisticated and old fashioned, so you prefer other qualities to assert your personality. You could be wrong….

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