Does Social Media Really Affecting Our Modern Communication?

Social media is not just about saying what you have taken for lunch. It is not only just about informing your friends that you have bought a brand new bike. Social media can be used as an effective communication platform. You can stay in touch with your friends living nearby or far away.

Let’s look at 10 ways how social media affecting modern day communication

  • It has changed the traditional education: Web is a large repository of knowledge and information. You can learn any subject just sitting in front of a table. This however never denies the significance of a human tutor. To submit an assignment there is no need to visit your professor. You can simply mail him the document from your home. You can even share your presentations and research papers with people having similar interest but residing in remote geographical locations. Some modern professors are using social media to answer to students queries. They are also maintaining discussion forums.
  • News travels faster via social media: There are evidences that news has travelled faster via social media than other kind of media. People came to know about the earthquake in East Canada in 2010 just a few seconds after the earthquake began via Twitter. Thus it can also alert people quickly to save them against such natural disasters.
  • Social media provides freedom of speech: Social media can be a great place to express your views. This the media via which people all over the world came to know about the condition of the Egyptians. The whole world saw how the common people were suppressed under the dictator ruler.
  • It’s a great place to get heard without investing anything: You can make people know your cause by simply creating a page in leading social networking sites like Facebook. Most of the non-profit organizations have chosen social media to increase their followers. Whenever you follow or like such a page, you get updated about latest events and news regarding that organization.
  • Giving rise to a revolution through social media: These days’ people are afraid of protesting. It is very difficult to gather people and give rise to a revolution by going out physically. This will risk your life. Social media can be a great place to make people hear your words. The person who is protesting can even create a fake profile in social networking site and convey his message to the whole world. He can raise his follower by keeping himself in disguise. Similar thing happened while protesting against the oil spill in the gulf. Revolution through social media can lead hundreds and thousands of people participating in the protest rally.
  • It’s a great way to broaden your mind: With the help of social media you can join with a network of people who have similar thoughts. You can participate in discussions and controversies and broaden your mind. You can even come to know about new concepts. If you currently have any wrong notion about something, that too you can get rid off by participating in such discussions. Moreover you will learn how to interact with people coming from different work culture and traditional backgrounds. There are lot of forums and newsgroups where people with similar interests join. They get heard and hear to other people’s problems too. These virtual friends can provide you useful tips to solve your problems.
  • Social media is a great place to take advantage of freebies: You can learn something totally free of cost. If you are thinking of starting an online business, you can get suggestions from experts at no cost. It also lets you advertise your products and services without spending even a penny.
  • More contribution to science: Scientific researches are being carried out in different universities and research laboratories all over the world. These researches are sometimes based on the same topic. Through the help of social media the researchers and scientists residing in different geographical areas can share their work and carry out discussions.
  • Gives you a platform to participate: Each one of us like to take part in activities that we like. But is hard to find a way to get started. Social media brings those platforms in front of us and gives us an opportunity to express our opinions and share our thoughts. Companies can use this particular tool to hear from form their clients. The customers can suggest how the companies can change their products or services offered by them. This is the best way to improve as customers can give the best reviews because they are using the products.
  • Platform for your talents: If you are a performer you can let the people know about your talent by simply uploading a picture, audio or video.

Thus the fact of social media affecting modern day communication has been well established. It is spreading like a wild fire. Anyone can effectively use it fulfill his goals.

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