Essentials Tips in Improving Email Marketing Open Rates

In the virtual world we live in, chances are your customers are being bombarded with tons of Emails everyday, as Email marketing is one of the most used marketing strategy today for acquiring leads. People really value time and effort so due to the piles of Emails on their mailboxes, they opt to not open some mails from you that contains your marketing efforts. A study have shown that 97% of small businesses rely on Emails to market their products and services, so to maintain your presence, you really have to strategize and stand out in the way you compose your mails to maximize them being opened and read by your audience. In this article, we will discuss about ways improving your Email marketing open rates to have more success in endorsing your business via Email.

Things to Understand regarding Email Marketing

First off, before we go deep into specific tips to increase open rates, let us take into consideration some key points about Email marketing. Here are some pointers that you should always put into mind whenever you plan on executing your marketing strategy in Emails.

1. Your customers hate spam.

Spammy links and Emails will always drive people crazy in a negative way. Anyone would want to stay away from spams as they either lead to unwanted links or messages, or worse viruses which can cause serious damage. So remember to stay away from Eblasts that resemble spams, check each Email composition well before sending, and do not overdo sending as this is analogous to spam! To further help, these tips can veer away from spams:

  • Avoid spammy phrases such as “Once in a lifetime opportunity!”
  • Avoid using to many exclamation points.
  • Avoid all caps.
  • Avoid sloppy HTML or spammy URLs.

2. Your customers don’t care about your products unless they know how it can help them.

Always make it a point to immediately put in your messages how helpful your products can be to them. Always know who the recipients of your Emails and make it a point to relate your offerings to whom and what your target audiences are to make them feel interested. Highlight always your products’ benefits and make them the overall theme of your Emails.

3. Your customers hate lengthy emails.

Put your feet in your audiences’ shoes and decide on which length is just okay to read for a few minutes. Practice splitting your sentences into per topic paragraphs, you may also use bullets. If possible, you may opt to use images or infographics instead to capture attention and to prevent using more unnecessary words.

4. Don’t waste your customers’ time.

Time is really gold and all of us hate wasting it. So again, do not write a novel having hundreds of words, and go straight to the point in endorsing what you have to offer and how your items can help them. Establish your Emails as very informative to build that great reputation and avoid being known as someone who has nothing to say but trash!

4 Email Marketing Tips

Now we know some golden rules from above, here are specific tips for further attracting opens from your recipients!

1. Capture them through the title and make a good impression

The first thing that your customers will see is the subject line or title of your messages. So create a great captivating impression by having a well planned Email title! Convince them that your message is worth reading by following these title tips:

  • Try to avoid cheap marketing words such as “free”, “help”, “percent off”, and “reminder”.
  • Try to localize or provide information about where your offerings are for and concentrate on sending those mails to people that are really in that area!
  • Do not use the same titles! Always use a new, fresh one. Avoid repetitions at all costs.
  • Provide around 50 characters or less for your titles, and no more than that!
  • If you are indeed sending your Email marketing for the first time to some recipients, ensure that your mails are good to hook them, and take the opportunity to invite them to your company website or social networking site page to further lure them in!

2. Personalize it

Create a warm and emotional connection to your audience by adding your personal touch! Some tips that are proven to increase open rates are these two:

  • Use your name instead of your company Email address for the From field.
  • Use last names along with first names in the From field to further eliminate thoughts of spams!
  • In your Email body, think of standing out from the rest of the competition by having a unique style and theme. Consider the age group or social circle of your recipients and adjust the level of formality and overall look and feel of your mails.
  • Leave warm messages like you offering help, or you are open for questions and comments, and always thank your readers for their time!

3. Timing of your Email

In order to have more chances of your Emails being opened, think of a good time to send them! The rule is to send them in a time frame where your recipients are in their reading mails period. For office people, send to them your Eblasts in the beginning of their shifts, so that will be around 8:00 in the morning for day time workers. This is to ensure that you don’t send too early that may leave your Emails piled up along with others, lessening visibility and open rates of your messages. Sending on end of shift or sleeping/resting times are definitely no-no’s.

4. Get rid of unresponsive recipients

You should not waste your audiences’ time, but so is true for yours! Save time by getting rid of dead weight by using your Emailservice’s monitoring function to note of Email addresses that did not open your mails. After removing them, sending time will be quicker and thus more efficient that may help in open rates. It will be easier too to engage a fewer target customers!

Wrapping things up, again, put yourself in your recipients’ shoes. What kinds of Eblast marketing you’d open? Ask around trusted friends and customers; get their feedbacks and experiences, and accompany them with the tips here to maximize your mails being opened!

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