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My husband and I sold a business in July 2012. He was hired at Texas Instrument with a very good salary but I was left with very little to do except housework. Since I don’t like housework, I had to find something to do, to make myself feel good about myself and make money.

First I took a stab at eBay. I really didn’t have anything of value to sell so first thing that I did was to look around eBay to see what other people were selling. This was a task because there are millions of items listed in eBay, but it didn’t take me long to find out that not everything on eBay would sell. I also found out that most items shipping rate were marked up to add to the value of the merchandise. eBay also charge anywhere from five cents to fifty cents for an insertion fee and they also charge three percent of the sale so your item’s price has to be marked accordingly. Sometime eBay runs special where you can get fifty to a hundred free listings and this is worth the wait.

The only thing of value that I had at the time was my recipes to the great food that I cook. I notice other eBayer were selling recipes for the starting price of one penny (this is a practice to raise your rating in eBay) and they were getting bids. I started listing my recipes and they were selling. They were selling for enough that I made the eBay fee and the Paypal fee with a little left over for me to save for another project.

I continued to search eBay for other ways to make money, then I started wondering how other seller could sell at a low price. I started researching wholesale with drop shipping. What I found on my own was companies that wanted me to pay a fee to use their service. No way! I found a service call www.simplesource.com . This company list close to 200 companies that are willing to drop ship for you. I signed up for this company (small annual fee or a life time fee) and start the long search of the company.

While looking at though the companies, I would also search on eBay, the few items that caught my eyes. If the item was selling for other sellers then they would for me too. Yes I went with trends. It is the only way to do this. Sell what people are buying. It unproductive to list an item that sits for a month on eBay without any lookers. That will cost money and time.

Every morning I will get up eat breakfast then go into my office. First thing that I do is check my email for any alerts or questions from customers that take about an hour. I move to checking my list of item to see the activity. This shows me what customers are interested in and what isn’t getting traffic. If an item doesn’t get any clicks within a week then I take it off and list something that is proven to sell. I will turn to research at this point (research is a daily project). Without research, I would not know what is going on in the world of sells. I also have to keep the seasons in mind like: is it Halloween time or Christmas, Is it time to list for Mother’s day or Valentines. I will list new items appropriate to the season and take off the old seasonal items. I will send out a newsletter to my email list to let all my steady customers know what to bid on right now and what I have listed on the buy now sales. I try to have a special sale going on most of the time like back to school or holiday sales.

Now I will sent out the purchases of the day. You will be surprised how many people buy while you sleep so you have to let the buyer know long to expect to receive their product. If the item only takes an email answer then I will save time and money. The drop shipping take a bit more time because you are using a third party to ship to your buyer and you have to use your credit to purchase while Paypal is holding on your money (Paypal releases these fund about seven to fourteen days after the sale). The other type of sale require me to drive 3 blocks away from my house. I go to a local UPS store because I don’t like standing in line at the Post Office. My time is money.

What I have found out about eBay sells is that is it what you put into it. If you want pocket change then don’t put a lot of time in it. This is not a get rich scheme. Yes I had that allusion too. If you work eBay like it is an eight hour a day job from nine to five then you can make a descent paycheck, If you find that this is for you then go get started and good luck. Look for me on eBay.

Naturally Spiritually Yours.

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