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Need to get more traffic? Say hello to traffic exchanges. Traffic exchanges do not only give you more traffic but also promote your site or blog. Many say that traffic exchanges are useless and are wastes of valuable time. It is actually quite true but only if your site is already popular or it is getting over thousands of visitors each day. Even if traffic exchanges have a bad reputation to many bloggers, I personally love them. I have a newborn blog called ” My Badminton Blog ” and traffic is the main problem. The answer to that problem is traffic exchanges. I got a lot of visitors per day because of them. From 20 visitors per day, it grew to 100, 200, 300, 400 and 600. That happened in only a week!

Here are the advantages of using traffic exchanges:

  • You get hundreds of visitors for free.
  • You are promoting your site.
  • If you have a great site, you might get loyal readers.
  • You can get great design ideas from other sites and blogs.
  • You might get a chance to come by great sites and great money making opportunities.
  • You will get more ad impressions and clicks.
  • Advertisers might buy an ad space because of the daily traffic you are receiving.
  • Your readers might promote your site with their friends or on social networking sites.
  • You can promote your affiliate links which will lead to more sales.
  • You will get a higher google page rank, it might not be significant but a little change in ranking is still worth it.
  • You can get a chance to see other sites with the same niche and you can convince the owner to link back to your site or offer a link exchange.
  • You can upgrade your free account to get a higher surf : page views ratio.
  • Most traffic exchanges have referral schemes which lets you get points without viewing websites.
  • Traffic exchanges are very easy to use.
  • You can use them if you are bored.
  • You can promote many sites but you need to have enough points so that all of them will receive traffic.
  • You can save money because you don`t need to spend money on advertising.
  • Some traffic exchanges pay you to surf.
  • You can get free things like e-books from the sites you have visited.
  • You can earn money by referring others to the traffic exchange program.
  • Some traffic exchanges like link referral gives you targeted traffic and your visitors can grade your site on a scale of 1 – 10.
  • Some traffic exchanges like link referral allows visitors to give reviews about your site.
  • You can use them while watching the television or a movie.

There are really many advantages that you get from traffic exchanges. The first day I used them, I already got results and they are big results considering that my blog is just new. I thought that traffic exchanges were the answer to my problems. So I became addicted to them. Whenever I had time, I just had to use them. But as days go by, I realized that traffic exchanges are imperfect.

Here are the disadvantages of using traffic exchanges:

  • These take up a lot of your time and it can make you wonder if it is really worth it.
  • You might buy points from these traffic exchanges which is really useless and a waste of money. It is better to buy pay per click advertising because people who click on your advertisement are really interested on what you have to offer unlike the people who visit your sites just for the points.
  • Google Adsense does not approve traffic exchanges to be used on sites which have google ads in it. This might be the unknown reason behind my banned Google Adsense account.
  • You need to create a separate page for the traffic exchange which does not have Google ads inside it to prevent being banned from Google Adsense.
  • Some traffic exchanges have very small surf : page views ratio. Some of them needs you to surf 3 or 2 sites before you get one page view.
  • Unpopular traffic exchanges are useless because you might get only 5 – 10 page views a day.
  • Almost all people who join traffic exchanges don`t really pay attention to anything that they see on the site that they visit.
  • Some traffic exchanges run on autopilot which means that no one is really viewing your site. They just open their accounts and use the program while they are surfing the internet.
  • Shared hosting sites can give you hundreds of visitors all at one time and this may crash you system and the company that hosts your site will suspend your account.
  • If you are asked to put a code on your site, it may lower your google page ranking.
  • You may lose time for your blog like writing articles for your blog and finding new ways to enhance your blog.
  • You might not focus on getting organic traffic which is the best traffic and it is also free.
  • Many traffic exchanges only have few websites signed up in their program which means that you only see repetitive sites and this will prove to be very boring.
  • The number of daily visitors coming from these programs will stop growing at a certain point because of the number of users it has. This is happening to me right now so I have to focus more on enhancing my blog and getting organic traffic.

Traffic exchanges are great only in the short – term. The main reason I joined them is because it feels great to see so many visitors to your blog in a day and I know that many of you new bloggers feel the same way. I really feel bad about my banned Google Adsense account because many sites like howtoee, hubpages, and squidoo let you earn money through Google Adsense. I did not know that there was a rule about no traffic exchanges. Now I hope that nobody does the same mistake I did. But even though that happened to me, I will still continue to use these programs because its free advertising and stopping their usage won`t bring back my Google Adsense account.

If you want to try traffic exchanges, the links below are the programs that I use:

1. Link Referral
– It is not very good for generating massive traffic but they give you targeted traffic. People who click on your site are really interested on what you have on your site. This people can give you ratings from 1 – 10 and they can also review your site. This is great if you want to know what random people think about your site.

2. TrafficG
– This is a great traffic exchange site which gave more than 1,700 hits in 2 weeks. You get points by clicking on the word at the right which matches the word at the left when the timer says go. There is also a skill card wherein you do the same just like when you are getting points but the difference is, you don`t get points. You get a higher surf : page views ratio if you got it right but it will be lowered if you got it wrong. The timer is set at 20 seconds and the base surf : page views rate is 1 : 1. Tip: You can click on the word when the timer goes to 3 or 2.

3. Hit2Hit – This is another great traffic exchange site which gave me more than 1,000 hits in a week. You get points the same way as you get points in TrafficG but they are symbols, not words. The timer is set at only 6 seconds and the surf : page views ratio is 2 : 1. It might be lower than TrafficG`s basal ratio but the timer is set at only a third of TrafficG`s timer. Plus with every hundred sites you visit, you get bonus points. The bonus depends on the day that you are using the program. Special days can give up to 55 bonus points while normal days only give 3 bonus points. You will receive a message from Hit2Hit to inform you if today is a special bonus day.

4. TraffUp
– This is the first traffic exchange program that I used. They have a different way of earning points. Every site has a different assigned number of points. If you visit a site, you get the points according to the number of points that was assigned to it. Some are as high as 50 while some are as low as 5. I assign my sites` value at 15 – 20. The number of points assigned to the site also determines how long you need to stay on that site before you get points. Tip: To find the sites which have the highest points, click the TraffUp logo and click sorted by points.

My tips:

1. I use TraffUp, TrafficG, and Hit2Hit at the same time so that I don`t get bored because of the timer.

2. I leave the programs while I search on how I can improve my blog or site then after I read an article, I go back to the program and get points. I also do this with social networking sites like Facebook and online games like Tetris Battle which is also in Facebook.

Thank you very much for reading the whole article and I hope that it helped you.

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