Get Huge Traffic with Reddit Submissions & Traffic Buying

Reddit enjoys a massive viewership, which obviously means it is capable of sending massive traffic your way.

Wait a minute, because there is a provided (condition) attached to it.

Reddit can generate massive traffic for your blog, website, forum, or whatever that you are trying to promote, provided you can create powerful content; content with several horsepower information engine attached to it; that can take it far and wide. Other than content’s quality quotient, there are other components too; which if used in order, can optimize its user’s success all the more.

The first thing to keep in mind is the timing of posts. There have been many debates as well as researches happening to know whether there really exists something called ‘best time to post’ or is it just an over hyped thing; finally, the research has shown that the concept of best timings exists and makes sense; in our case the best (most favourable) time to use this medium as observed by leading agencies – happens to be, before 5 pm EST; posting before this time works best, because it gets read and reaches a far wider set of audience; it happens much more quickly.

Likewise there are typical timings where using other similar socials media platforms are concerned.

Besides content quality and timing of the post, there are other factors too that influence reach, submission, and ranking of the post. For example your ranking and submission will depend on factors such as this, in the post you submitted, did you share an old story versus a new one; or how soon were you able to generate your first hundred thumbs ups or good votes. The time span within which your post was able to generate its first hundred votes directly impacts your chances of appearing on its home page. A submission that receives its first hundred favorable votes in its first hour of publication has a much brighter chance of getting on the home page, than a submission that took ten hours to receive it.

Their algorithm that is used for measuring which posts will appear on home page of REDDIT is very interesting; and the fact that researchers have been able to figure it out comes as a real huge achievement, when compared to the Google ranking game that God knows for how long people will go on guessing. This one with no suspense drama of that kind comes as a great relief.

According to their algorithm the power that the first ten votes that you receive on the post you submit on Reddit will generate will be equal to the next hundred that it generates, and the power of these hundred will be equal to the power of next thousand votes and so on. The jist of the matter is to go get your first ten and hundred votes as soon as you can, the rest can follow; and when you learn to repeat this kind of success; traffic to your blog is hardly away.

The above explanation may sound simple to some, and some of you might also be contemplating hitting out at the forum with contentious, debatable, or notorious stories which will automatically and immediately generate response and votes of readers. If you are, let me tell you are in for a disappointment.

The platform has a policy to counter this kind of situation. A post that has more number of up votes and far less number of down votes comparatively will win over the post that has equal number of down and up-votes. When such hot stories do the rounds Reddit shifts measures from number game on to the weight-age theory.

Another measure for Reddit Submissions comes from the number of comments users leave on a post. More the merrier, is the mantra. The Reddit platform gives more credence to those posts that generate more comments. So the next secret here is no secret at all – just learn to create posts that can trigger the human emotion which in turn helps to create a favourable environment for the reader where he feels like expressing his point of view. If you can create a post like that, nothing like it!

But if you can’t create a post like that, or don’t have the time to go on and on, then they have paid programs where you can push your content across closer to the user attention, by paying a price for it. User will have to check out various packages and after a thorough study and conviction should take it up. Paid option takes you real close to the active audience so changes are big that your post will reach the right kind of audience.

When you opt for paid option you have two offers before you; you can buy an advertisement that becomes visible all over Reddit; the second options is you pay for an advertisement which will go visible where your target audience is active.

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