How Can You Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic to Your Blog?

Pinterest, the photo based media network is the new found force through which you can drive traffic to your blog. Ever since it’s been launched it has got picked up faster than it was expected. People really took to it and more importantly learn to use it and stuck to it.

The result is that it’s become a dominant platform and has proven to generate traffic for websites and blogs that use it. However getting into the Pinterest main lane you’ve got to learn as to how to you can get people to pin images of content and products from your blog or website that you are trying to promote using it.

In this post I am going to share information with the readers to give them an insight into how they can achieve success using Pinterest. If they learnt the skill they will definitely be able to create many avenues to drive traffic for their blogs and sites.

Is Your Blog Pinterest Compatible?

First and foremost your blog should be Pinterest compatible. It means your blog should be technically set in such a way that it permits people to share content on Pinterest. And achieving this is hardly difficult. All that a blog owner wishing to use Pinterest leverage is required to do, is place a Pinterest Button on your blog, that’s about it!

Will the Images You Are Planning to Pin Work on the Platform?

The next issue is to check if the images you are planning to use will work on Pinterest or not; to verify this there is a special tool available there that can help you see how the image will finally look like to the reader. There are also easy to understand and implement SEO tutorials on Pinterest, that you can go there and read, once you decide to use the medium.

Image should always have a self explanatory caption: Along with photo make sure you give an attractive and relevant photo caption to attract target audience to read as well as pin it. A good image makes little sense if the caption is not good enough. Writing web content and thinking its over is wrong, you have to write content for your images too for better impact. Plus it’s SEO requirement so do not ignore it.

Take a step ahead and create theme boards: You can also consider creating a board based on theme in your Pinterest account if you are planning to run an aggressive text based message image based campaign. People who have done it (right) have received great traffic via it.

Organise Unique Contests to Create that Spike in Traffic

On Pinterest contents are a very popular tools that drive traffic to various blogs and sites that run them. So create and launch one for your target audience on the platform where the participant will be required to go to your site and enter details; for people who have managed to come up with an interesting and unique contest or are offering giveaways have earned great many hits and the tool has proved to be a great way to generate traffic. When such contests click they send a sudden surge of traffic to your blog and the traffic graph suddenly shows spikes.

Since Pinterest is majorly about pictures, images of people, animals etc work real good.

Network: I have spared the most important tip for the road, as I leave I want to share something that you may have heard a thousand times before, but I want to discuss it and remind you of it one more time. The golden tip is put efforts towards building network. If you want to be appreciated, acknowledged; learn to appreciate and acknowledge others.

Make it a habit to pin so that people will pin you in reciprocation, take that extra initiative, go an extra mile to show you are interested and see the result for yourself. Because without meeting and interacting with people things will not work, internet is a huge and the most organic democracy, where people will make and break people, so don’t make the mistake of treating them casually. Go for them and see how they reach out to you.

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