How I Feel About Scams

I don’t like to receive scams from anyone online. I have got emails saying I won money and I always delete it. If they’re asking for information it should never be given. I feel sad for people who have fell victim to that. Maybe they give their information because they believe that whey they read is true, but really its not.

How would you know for certain if something is a scam?

It is a scam if you’re asked to give your full name, home address, phone number, and perhaps social security number. The think that gives it away is the social security number. You should never give it to someone who isn’t recognizable. That should only be given if you’re applying for a job and they need to do a background check on you, or if you need to get a passport. It also can be for anything where you’re required to give that information.

Scams can be pulled in public. I recently saw on American Online a video about a woman who believed she was getting a new ipad, but instead got a mirror instead. I feel really bad for her. I think people need to be aware not to buy anything from anyone unless they know for sure they know what they’re getting is the real thing..

It’s a shame for her because she will not get the money back but at least she will be aware the next time not to trust someone about it. You have to ask to see the features of any product just so you know it’s real.

How about scams about have cancer?

I read something about that online and I thought that must be awful because if anyone gave you money for something you didn’t have, then what you did was horrible. They were people you believed you had cancer and if you do that to them was the wrong thing to do.

To make sure you don’t fall victim to that I advise that you get information to check out if the information is true. If the person can’t provide that, then that would be the first clue to know that they’re lying. If they give out information still check it out. Unless you know for certain its true, then you can’t believe it just yet.

On ebay someone tried to scam but because of my paypal protection it was able to be prevented. They let me know that item was being removed and I wouldn’t have to pay for it. It was such a relief to me.

Another time when I was unable to use my computer I found out there was a charge on my checking account in the amount of $150 for gaming. I thought it was a site that I played gaming on that had my information, but actually it wasn’t. To be sure I tried to put in my email to get the information for the username and password, and learned that there wasn’t.

 So, I had to report to paypal that someone had used my information without my authorization and they looked into it, and I got my money back.  If I didn’t have paypal I would have never got my money back.

Everytime I got an email saying I won something or from someone who wants to give me money, I just delete them. There is no point for me to look into them, because I know they’re scams.

What about Idenity Theft Scams?

That can happen to be anyone and to be safe you need to have your idenity protected. I haven’t been a victim of it, but if I were I would use LifeLock. I have seen the commercials for it on TV and found it encouraging with the information that it provided.

Having your idenity stolen is not a joke. There was a movie on Lifetime called “The Michelle Brown Story”.  Her information was stolen by an employer at a realty place who looked at her linformation. As long as she had that information, she could buy anything she wanted to buy. I also couldn’t believe how in the movie she went to the DMV to get a new driver’s life without a photo id and they just gave her a new one.

Under no circumstances should you get a driver’s license or non-driver’s license without photo id. I don’t care if you have documents to prove it, because how would I know if sure that you’re person you’re claiming to me. The only exception should be is for someone to vouch that it’s you, or to use something else that has a photo of you on it.

What about Phone Scams?

To avoid being scammed asked for information before you give it. If the person is taking the time to answer just hang up on their them. Don’t fall victim to it. Don’t let anyone else fall victim to it.

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