How To Be Happy Alone

It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone deserve to be happy. And it is important for you to understand that you don’t need anyone to be happy. If you are going right now through some issues and you are not happy, just remember that the situation will change. You can make the decision to change the situation and your life for better. Take a look at the following advice and start making changes one step at a time.

Have God in your Life

Having someone Superior and Powerful like God, that listens and cares about you, will make you happy. God is there when you need him. When you have problems or need someone to talk to, just pray and talk to him. He will never let you down. Remember that He knows what is best for you better than you do, so trust him.

Keep your Body Exercised

When you exercise your brain generates endorphins, a chemical that creates a good feeling in you. So, just by doing exercise, you will feel happier whether you are alone or not. Also, by continually exercising, you cannot help the fact that you will look better and that will also make you feel happy. If you don’t feel comfortable about your body right now, start exercising at your home. You can get some DVDS at Wal-Mart or Target. Then, when you start feeling better with yourself, join a gym. Believe me that will help.

Keep yourself busy with new goals

Keeping your mind busy while working on your goals, won’t let you get bored or think about unhappy things. It feels great when you accomplish something, it doesn’t matter what. So if you ran out of goals, then it is time to set some new ones. Just think about something that you have always wanted to learn or do. This is the time to start working on it.

Here some ideas: learn to play a new instrument, start learning a new language, what about taking a trip to a special place or finishing something at your home. I recently bought an electric guitar and I am almost 41 years old. Because I have always loved electric guitars, I finally bought it. I wondered why it took me so long to get one. I am really enjoying playing my new electric guitar. So, what are you waiting for? Get busy with your goals.

Help Someone

Have you ever helped someone? I am sure you felt great afterward. For some reason helping others bring joy to a person life. Help your parents, an elderly person, become a volunteer to help a non-profit organization, just help someone in need.

Start a Hobby

Starting a hobby is another way to keep your mind busy. If you are someone with a lot of time in your hands, start a hobby. Like I mentioned before, keep your mind busy by learning something new.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

Having gratitude is acknowledging those people and circumstances in your life that have been a blessing to you. Since you tend to attract that which you think about, thinking about all the good things in your life helps attract more good things.

A gratitude journal is like a diary of the people and things that you are grateful for. I strive to write 10 things I’m grateful for each day in the morning. This is a great way to start your day. Try to make them 10 new things each day for 30 days. By the end of the month you’ll have a list of over 300 people, things, and situations that you are grateful for.

We can all have bad days making this exercise difficult, but these are the times we need it most. If you can focus on 10 things to be grateful for on your hardest days, you’ll turn around your situation a lot faster than you imagined. Sometimes we have to reach a bit to find something, but we can be grateful for almost anything, so don’t limit yourself to the big ones. Being grateful for the small things in life, or those basic freedoms that we often take for granted can do a lot to pull us out of a bad mood.

So be grateful, and you will be happier.

Keep it Positive

Make sure to keep a positive influence around you at all times if possible. Watch positive TV programs that can help you as a person or entertain in a positive way. Read good books. Keep optimist people around you. You don’t need people that put you down all the time or make you feel unhappy. Take a look around you and start selecting better friends.

You must learn first how to be happy with yourself and then you will be ready to be happy with someone else. To be happy is a decision that you make. If you are alone and unhappy, guess what? You will also be unhappy with company. Start enjoying your beautiful self. Take time to go for a movie, go for dinner or read a good book. You deserve it.


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Linette Harding is a blogger and writer sharing with others her personal journey to learn how to be happy.

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