How to Build a Mailing List which Buys All Your Products

Anybody who is associated with blogging, making money online, internet marketing would have heard the quote-“ the money is in the list”. A list refers to nothing but the group of people who have given you an exclusive permission to send them any kind of e mails( in the hope that you will send useful e mails). Sending e mails to a list is also an example of permission marketing. You have the permission of people to market products to them. But taking wrong use of this advantage can potentially make you the owner of an unresponsive list.

A list can be very good for making money if the list is responsive. Lots of internet marketers who earn bucket loads of cash secretly maintain a list of gargantuan proportions sprawling into at least 100000 names. But my question is would you build a dull dead long list or a list which is ready to gobble up all the products you send to it either short or long. Profit from a list is not a pure number game, if even one person buys a $200 product from you, you may have a chance of cashing in $100 or more. But the same adage will not apply to an unresponsive list.

Long list v/s short lists building a responsive list

If the list was the end then one could simply buy up names from people who sell them, but if those lists were so profit yielding then why would he/she sell them? List long or short doesn’t have a relation to the money you are making. As usual the quality matters over the quantity.

You may get a big list by buying solo ads on solo list farms but the moment you send paid products to this group of people they unsubscribe. The mentality of people who buy your products is as important as the building a list. But there’s a way to hack their minds into helping your cause. People usually respond to you in the same way you behave to them. So if you want them to help you, you must first help them.

The number of people who respond to what you say heavily depends on what you did for them in the past. Before cashing in on a list you should make the list a responsive list. A responsive list can be built by doing good to others. By giving your list free information, tips and tricks; instead of selling things you should concentrate on helping them. Thumb of rule is that the first month of mailing to them should be kept ad free.

No matter how good and tempting the offer may seem, do not forward it to them. It requires patience and a willingness to help others. Give them great info which they can readily use on their blog or in their life whatever that is. People in the weight loss niche for example are looking not for e books or courses or tutorials but things that work. Give them something ready to eat.

That can be found out by listening to your blog. Have you ever tried solving reader’s problems with your posts? And when you tried that did it work out? Did it receive traffic? If your answers are yes then this is your clue to building a responsive list. People signing up on your newsletters expect more from you and if you can answer their problems through your e mails then they will pay you back. You need not do that forever. It needs to be done only for the initial period of creating a connection. Once you have created a connection with your list then its payback time. People only buy from those whom they trust and like. Now you are liked. The ideal place to put your opt in form will be just below your posts. If someone has read it all throughout then he surely wants more from you.

Make them like you

When people consider buying an affiliate product they have the choice of not clicking on your link. People buy from you only if they like you. Enhancing your likeability is your key to build a responsive e mail list. They like you only when your actions reflect that you are the kind of person whom they can trust. By solving reader’s problems through your lists you are making them like you.

Next when you promote your products make sure that you are not promoting crap. Business is built on repeat customers. If a person has bought from you one time the probability that he will buy again is much higher than that of a person who has never bought from you. Don’t ditch them for if you do so you are ditching long term profits.

Keep promoting products that work or your own products directed at solving reader’s problems. Like an e book on the technical sides of blogging.

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