How to Build a Responsive Email Marketing Campaign

Are you converting your home business list at a breakneck pace? Building a responsive, targeted email list makes your job as an online entrepreneur so much easier. You do not need to build a mammoth, awe-inspiring list to make money online.

You simply need to speak to people who are strongly interested in your offering. Responsiveness is the quality you seek. You want people who want what you have to offer. People who are hungry to join your team.

Massive lists? They are over-rated. Because many huge lists are filled with unqualified, non-targeted subscribers. Some online pros need their ego stroked. Of course there is no room for ego in the online marketing game.

You simply engage in the faulty, ego-based numbers game and your responsiveness suffers. Your conversions drop. Your home business growth slows. Because you forget to ask questions and provide answers. You forget to make real, powerful connections with human beings.

Take the time to gauge if you are chasing numbers or connecting with people. The shift makes all the difference in your internet marketing campaign.

People need to be heavily interested in your offering. Build a list of hungry prospects by increasing email responsiveness and your conversions jump quickly.

Prospects dig two way streets. Who doesn’t like someone who listens to their problems? By listening you stand out from the online entrepreneur crowd. Few listen. Building responsiveness from your list increases online conversions dramatically.

How can you build a responsive, prospering list?

Make Your Squeeze Page Clear

Maintain full clarity on your squeeze page. Ensure that people who sign up are serious, hungry prospects. I like to add more text to my squeeze page. This weeds out lazy people who are poor candidates for my team.

Be selective. You choose your partners. It’s not the other way around. Your squeeze page is like an interview. If prospects like what they see you might receive another interested subscriber.

More interested subscribers bumps up the responsiveness of your list.

Clarity counts a great deal. By clearly stating what you have to offer targeted, qualified prospects usually subscribe to your website.

Forget vague, unclear calls to action. Stress the benefits of your offering. Tell readers exactly what they can expect to receive by volunteering their email address. You want responsive subscribers. Make your signal loud and clear.

Ask Questions

Many entrepreneurs mistakenly end each email with a call to action which is not a question. This kills responsiveness. Most people respond only if you ask them a question. Ask persistently.

You receive super valuable answers. These answers form the foundation for a successful content creation campaign. The problems of prospects are filled with gold. Why? Your job is to solve problems. Now that you’ve asked questions and identified problems you can simply create content based on these issues.

Ask questions in all newsletter emails. Train individuals to respond to your questions. Most people are cyber shy. You need to coax them out of their cyber shell to elicit responses.

Niche specific questions only please. Stay on topic to develop a strong rapport and increase email responsiveness.

Form the habit of asking multiple questions in each post. Open up to your audience. Set up a 2 way street.

Email Persistently

Condition individuals to wait for your emails. Send list emails out at the same time each week. Readers know when to check out their inbox if you stick to a publishing schedule.

People can’t respond to your emails if they never see or read them. Influence subscribers to click through. Email persistently or else people tend to forget you.

The average attention span just left town. In a microwave society you need to make a firm impress on the mind of your subscribers. This can be accomplished by simply showing up more than the average home business entrepreneur.

Email your list weekly. If you feel up to it and your value is top shelf send out 2 emails a week. Never sacrifice quality for quantity. Only send out emails which are jam-packed with value. Your goal is to solve problems not fill up an inbox with useless, pointless drivel.

Use Pictures

Bright, shiny objects grab your attention. Most subscribers are scanners. Individuals open emails and quickly scan the contents, checking the email for anything interesting.

Using images snares your attention quickly. You likely live heavily through your senses. An entertaining, humorous or colorful image snags your focus. By focusing on one aspect of an email you might stick around long enough to read the entire message. This means you might read questions included in the message which increases the likelihood that the responsiveness of your campaign improves.

Post free images from sites or pay a few cents to purchase the rights to images. Either way you draw in more readers and boost potential responsiveness, optimizing your email marketing campaign.

Make sure to post a smiling head shot of yourself with each email. Remind readers who sends out updates. People respond favorably to your newsletter if they see a face behind the name. Individuals respond to seeing you on a deeper, subconscious level, forming strong bonds with people they can identify with.

Take a professional shot. Build trust. Increase responsiveness.

Building Responsive Emails – Summary

Build intense clarity into your squeeze page. Ask questions to engage your readers. Email persistently and use pictures to increase email responsiveness.

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