How to Build a Stellar Social Media Campaign in 3 Steps


Are you having a tough time building an effective social media campaign? Do you wonder how social media pros achieve online success?

Social media boosts your online rep. Builds trust. Puts money in your pocket.

You need to play the social media game properly to experience these glowing benefits.

No spamming allowed. No endless pitching allowed. No drive-by comments allow. Bring value to the table. Make connections. Persist like a champion.

Social media focuses on being social. Chat with individuals. Make friends. Intend to help your friends. Give freely to receive easily.

Can you chat with people? Can you write helpful blog posts? Social media is pretty easy for chatters and creators. You gravitate toward helpful, engaging individuals. Popular people give freely of their time and talents.

How can you build a successful social media marketing campaign?

Step 1 – Create Massive Value

Create massive value in the form of blog posts, articles, videos and ebooks. Take time to solve problems. Listen to your target market.

Trawl social media sites. What do people chat about? What problems arise? What do people dream about? These conversations are gold nuggets. These discussions yield the answers to your content creation campaign.

You can build a solid content creation campaign armed with these discussions. Why? Matching the problems of individuals with solutions via your content makes you an authority. Authorities become social media pros.

Create 1 piece of content or more daily. Practice your skill. Hone your craft. Churning out a 1000 word post becomes easier for individuals who practice persistently.

Target each piece of content around niche specific keywords. Drive interested individuals to your website.

Share your content on relevant LinkedIn Groups and Facebook Groups. Speak to your target market persistently.

Step 2 – Make Powerful Connections

Connections build a powerful foundation for your social media marketing campaign. Successful people build large, supportive networks of friends. Friends support, promote, entertain, educate and inspire you.

Connect with people from your niche. Social sites like Facebook help you to reach out and engage like-minded people with ease.

Join relevant Facebook Groups. Connect with individuals on targeted LinkedIn Groups. Run twitter hashtag searches. Engage individuals.

Connect with individuals to grow your network. As your network grows it becomes easier to leverage your presence.

Imagine this: 5 friends promote your latest blog post. Reach into 5 new, targeted audiences, boosting your blog traffic, growing your list and expanding your home based opportunity.

How can you attract more friends? Comment like a champion. Create helpful, insightful comments in response to social media updates.

Share your buddies’ content. Retweet persistently. Facebook Share helpful blog posts or videos. G Plus or LinkedIn share relevant, insightful content.

Sharing makes you a magnet to friends. Everybody loves a free giver. Giving up your streams suggests that you are a kind, generous individual. Kind individuals grow their home based opportunity quite effortlessly on social media networks.

Step 3 – Persist

Persistence is the critical ingredient in social media stew. Be patient. Be persistent. Sending out helpful updates on a daily basis and connecting with like-minded individuals grows your network.

Flash in the pan types disappear quickly. Nobody remembers an individual who shows up once every 3 or 4 days. How can you make an impact if you never show up?

Develop staying power. Your persistent, targeted message programs individuals to respond on a subconscious level. Decide on why you want to build a successful social media campaign. Dig deep. Dwell on this emotion. Individuals who possess a powerful “why” reason never lack persistence. This crowd shows up day after day on social media websites.

Picture your favorite commercial. Your favorite jingle. It grows on you after a set period of time. You hum the words. You sing the tune. Why? You are programmed to do so, through the persistence of the message.

Hearing the message continually helps you to embrace the message. Eventually you like it.

Same deal with your social network updates. Individuals see your content and comments on a daily basis. People see your message and grow to like it. In time you become a social media rock star because you show up daily.

All About Other People

Effective social media marketing focuses on other people. Most screw up in this area, sending out link after link, refusing to engage, refusing to ask or answer questions.

The one way street approach works poorly in social media. Nobody cares about greedy, selfish people. Nobody cares about inward thinking folks. We seek individuals who are generous. Individuals who intend to help solve our problems.

This crowd listens. The individuals who focus on other people become wildly popular on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and Google Plus. Free givers are prospered tremendously.

Intend to help. Intend to serve. Detach from social media outcomes. Forget viewing people as prospects. Focus instead on a real, living, breathing person. Make a connection with these individuals. See how you can help them. Hold this intent to become wildly popular on social media networks.

Social Media Campaign – Summary

Create massive value in the form of blog posts, videos and articles. Make connections with like-minded people.  Persist daily to program individuals with your value-packed message. Build a top shelf social media marketing campaign.

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