How to Build an Effective Attraction Marketing Campaign

Do you attract an increasing number of prospects daily? Are you generating leads with ease? If not you need to learn the ins and outs of attraction marketing. Attraction marketing is a form of advertising where people come to you, as you establish yourself in the online realm. Most people do it all wrong, chasing anything that moves, forcing their opportunity on others and scaring away otherwise interested prospects. What these people fail to realize is that anything you attempt to chase flees from you. People sense your desperate vibe and know to stay away, realizing that you would be a poor leader, or mentor. But if you can do your homework, and learn attraction marketing principles, you can attract people to you without straining and striving. This means that you can write a blog post, shoot a video, build relationships with individuals and people will come to you with increasing ease. No chasing, no striving, no forcing, no coercing, or tricking people into buying your product or service. When you intend to attract individuals you operate with integrity, knowing that when you have the trust of your target market it’s easy to make money online.

People actually flock to individuals whom they trust, because a trusted person is in demand in an online world of desperate, untrustworthy failures. Most people don’t make a cent online because no one trusts them. I’ve mentored successful and unsuccessful individuals. The successes attract people with ease because they provide value persistently and patiently build relationships. The failures repel people because they provide no value and don’t bother to build relationships. They simply look at people as numbers, or potential sales, or things, so they do stuff from an impersonal, low energy place, and this poor energy turns off people instantly. Attractive individuals know to lead with value and follow up by building strong relationships with individuals. No forcing, no chasing, no desperation, no wicked attachments to people. Nope, just creating value and building strong relationships over time. With patience, you find that people seek you out. Maybe they heard about you from a friend, or they like your content, or they like how you interact with individuals. Whatever the quality, you have their trust, and when armed with trust you simply attract people to you with increasing ease.

How can you build a successful attraction marketing campaign?

Lead with Value

Lead with serious value in the form of blog posts, videos, articles, webinars and ebooks. Value attracts people who seek value, meaning you attract to you people who seek the solutions you provide to their problems. Create persistently to become more attractive. How can you run a blog if you’ve never blogged before? Follow top shelf bloggers. Learn from the best. Receive inspirational blogging ideas. Blogging pros teach you all you need to know about blogging, independent of your level of experience. Many times I hear from people new to blogging that they can’t blog, or they have no ideas about how to blog, or they have no clue what to blog about. These are simply lazy excuses, limiting beliefs that cause you to abandon your attraction marketing campaign before you start it. This is a no-no, listening to and obeying your limiting beliefs, because if you do, expect to fail fast. You will chase, and repel, instead of attracting with persistent value. Remember, create value and become valuable over the long haul.

Build Relationships Patiently

Ever notice how social media pros seem to attract people with ease? Why? These individuals patiently built relationships over time to gain the trust of large groups of individuals. Meaning, you attract folks based on the level of patience you maintain surrounding the relationship-building process. Yes, you need to bring value to the table in the form of content, but people will really trust you and become attracted to you if they see you as a real, genuine person, who socializes and builds relationships with people from your niche. You need to add a human element to your campaign. This means building relationships patiently, persistently, over time. Relax. Resist the urge to force the relationship-building process. You need to feel calm, confident and detached to become attractive. If you can slow down and simply focus on connecting with individuals you can build an immensely powerful attracting marketing campaign.

Attraction Marketing – Summary

Create value in the form of helpful videos, blog posts, articles and ebooks. Value attracts people who seek this level of value. You can prosper online without chasing, straining or striving if you are willing to create value persistently. Keep creating and you will never have to compete. Build relationships patiently, making yourself attractive to people in your niche. Detach from business outcomes. Remember, you no longer need to chase, or force or coerce, or trick people into giving you their money. You need to simply relax, build prospering relationships over time and money will flow to you, without you having to chase anyone. You will attract people to you, based on your persistent value provided and steady relationships built.

You no longer need to run after prospects. People can and will seek you out if you share value and build relationships over time. Take each step to build an effective attraction marketing campaign.

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