How to Clean a Keyboard and Mouse

Keyboards can be one of the dirtiest and under cleaned areas of workstations, businesses, and homes.  People often spend all day touching them and there are bound to be millions of germs on the keyboard at any moment.  Not only can there be bacteria and viruses on keyboards, but dust and crumbs can gum up the keys and slow down your computer’s performance.  Clean your keyboards once a week using these steps and both you and your computer will feel healthier.

Use a damp cloth to gently brush any crumbs or dirt off the keyboard and prevent them from getting into the key cracks. After you have gotten the big clumps, use a can of compressed air to blow any residual crumbs or hair out of the cracks.  Start on one end of the keyboard and work your way down to the other end.  When you are satisfied that you have removed the dirt, crumbs, hair, and residue from the keyboard, you can finish up with a simple Lysol wipe.  This will help kill germs and prevent sickness from spreading to other users.

Cleaning your mouse is another part of the computer that is often neglected but should be cleaned regularly for optimal performance.  The mouse should be wiped down with a Lysol wipe to disinfect it and get and dirt and grime off of it.  Once a month, it is good to clean out the inside of the mouse as well to get rid of any pieces of dirt that have been trapped next to the ball.  Simply unlatch the bottom of the mouse and remove the rubber ball, then wipe gently with a moist towel.  Blow out any dirt on the inside of the mouse and replace the ball.  Of course, this step is not needed for laser mice, but it is still good to adequately clean the mouse at least once a month.

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