How to Clean Your iPhone

Have you paid so much money for your iPhone and don’t know how to clean your screen?  If you are like many people, you don’t think about keeping your phone clean.  When I went to purchase a case for my smartphone, the kiosk operator said “Do you always keep your screen so dirty?”

So how is the best way to clean your screen?  Don’t spit on it and rub it on your pants since that will only cause a worse build up of dirt and grime. The most obvious thing to do is to buy a screen protector.  These do not cost too much and will protect your phone from scratches etc.  They are usually a thin, clear film that is applied over the front of your phone and will prevent your keys from scratching the screen and dirt from building up.  The Apple store has them or any store that sells accessories for mobile phones will be able to provide you with the appropriate size screen protector.  The problem with applying a screen protector is that you have to clean the screen first.

There are hundreds of new ways that are advertised to clean and maintain your iPhone, but the easiest and cheapest is a cotton material, such as an old time handkerchief or cloth diaper.  Since it is 100% cotton, it is soft and it will not scratch your screen.  You might have to gently rub the spots that you use most frequently, but it will come clean without any scratches.  Do not use the handkerchief to blow your nose or that will destroy its screen cleaning capability.

Cleaning the screen should only be done when the phone is off.  It is never a good practice to clean any electronic when they are on, especially since cleaning a touch screen while on can damage it.

Apple also provides you with a microfiber cloth when you purchase the iPhone and if you can locate this cloth use it as long as it is durable.  Try to clean your screen each day if you use it daily.

If you do not have a clean 100% cotton material you should buy a microfiber cloth.  This is sold in stores like Wal-Mart and special electronic stores (usually more expensive).  This cloth comes in a much larger package than you need however it is great for cleaning your television and any other screen that you have. The microfiber cloth allows the dust and oil from your hands to slip onto the fibers as it catches them as you rub the surface.

It is also important to just use the cloth with no Windex or water or any type of liquid.  Liquid can get inside the electronics and you could end up ruining your phone.  Just rub with a dry cloth or a slightly moistened toilette, but avoid any excessive liquid that can hurt the phone.

Cleaning the screen of smudges and finger oil is only half of the problem.  Your phone attracts and holds onto many germs some studies have shown that it has more germs than a toilet seat. Just think of all the places that you keep your phone, in a handbag, on the counter, in your pocket, eating while on hold, and sneezing all contribute to the vast amount of germs on your phone. Remember when you showed the picture of your daughter to the office staff, everyone transferred their germs to your phone.  You might as well stand in front of them when they sneeze. Maybe someone did sneeze on it.

But as I said earlier you cannot use any liquid on the screen so how do you clean the whole phone? The whole phone is best cleaned with alcohol.  Alcohol has the ability to fight and kill the germs that collect on the phone’s back and sides.  A case will help with keeping the phone itself protected and this you can buy at any kiosk or store.

To clean the back and sides, again shut the phone off and pour a little alcohol in a dish.  With a dry paper towel dab the corner in the alcohol.

Gently rub the alcohol over the back and sides making sure that it is not wet just damp.  Rub the back and sides with a paper towel to remove any residue and lingering germs.  If you use your phone a lot each day this will be necessary to do  each day in order to protect you from the infections that you can get from a dirty phone.  Don’t forget that is right next to your month and the ability to spread infection is great.  Another good alternative is to buy moist alcohol toilettes that are made for cleaning electronics and touch screens, but this can become more expensive if you clean your phone regularly.  Again there are professional cleaning kits available at almost any store but with these simple techniques that are suggested here you will have a clean screen and phone that will service you well.

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