How to Create a Daily Checklist that Takes One Step Closer to Success Each Day

Carry a little notebook with you always, small enough to fit in your inside coat pocket in the winter and in your shirt pocket when you wear no coat. The first thing you should do each morning is to list the things you plan to do that day. As they are done, check them off.

I caution you strongly in one respect. Don’t be discouraged if the daily checklist is long and the task apparently overwhelming. If every thing on your daily checklist cannot be accomplished in this orderly way, certainly you could not have finished your list in a haphazard fashion. If some things are left unfinished and you feel they are important, simply add them to your daily checklist the next day, giving them the position that their importance demands.

Many years ago much publicity was given to a very elderly lady who announced that she was going to walk from New York to Los Angeles. When interviewed by the press and asked how she expected to accomplish this impossible task she confidently replied, “By taking just one step at a time.”

Let’s never forget that one of the great blessings of life is that we are called on to live only one day at a time. Even those who find life difficult are fortunate in one respect it is parcelled out in such small doses.

Some housewives keep a pad in the kitchen or next to the telephone and follow the Lee system. Many office people follow this pattern by using a desk pad. Regardless of the type of note book, pad or tablet you use, by all means embrace this method of getting more things accomplished.

We can’t add more hours to the day, but through this system we can certainly accomplish surprisingly more during those non- refundable and priceless fragments of eternity which are ours.

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