How to Create a Facebook Account

Millions upon millions of people are logged on to the popular social networking site Facebook every day. Facebook was created by a young college student named Mark Zuckerburg in February of 2004. It was created after Zuckerburg’s first website, Facemash, was taken away by Harvard authorities. Since then over 840 million have added themselves to the Facebook world. Facebook can be used for several things, such as reconnecting with family, old friends, or old classmates or promoting a business/person/group. But not everyone uses Facebook for those reasons. I will not get into those.

Now that you know what Facebook is and what you can do on there, you want to sign up, right? Well signing up is very easy. For a personal profile, go to and fill out your name, birthdate, and email address. If you would like to promote a business/person/group, go to  and look for the smaller print that says Create page for celebrity, band, or business, then go from there.

That’s how you create a Facebook account.

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