How to Create Brand Recognition Online

Anyone looking to start a company or provide a product or service online should take a look at their branding to determine if it is helping their marketing.  Branding is the practice of using the same logos, colors, fonts, and pictures across all marketing methods so that consumers will easily recognize the brand and be more willing to buy your product.  As a small business owner, there are several steps that you can improve your overall image and attract more business.

If you look at the biggest and most successful companies, you will notice that almost everything they do includes a logo or some sort.  This makes it very easy for people to easily recognize your company even if your product is not labeled with explicit directions on how to get to your website.  If you see the “Apple” logo, you do not need to explain to anyone what it means because the majority of the public is aware of what it stands for.  The goal of a small business owner is to publicize their brand and include subliminal messages that will have people coming back to your website whenever they see it.  This will help improve future marketing because you can let your logo speak for itself instead of needing a caption or description of your services.

After you have established your company or product, you will want to create a logo that represents your products or services.  If you are artistic, it is possible to create your own logo using a variety of word processors and Photoshop.  If you do not know where to start or don’t have the time, it is easy to find someone skilled enough to design a logo for you.  When actually creating the logo, you will want to keep it relatively simple so that it is easy to replicate and can be viewed from a distance.  While you may start out advertising solely on the internet, you may find out later that you will want to advertise using offline methods, so you will want a logo that can be used both on and offline.  Simple logos are often the best because they are easy to recognize and can be duplicated easily to be used in a variety of applications.  Again, look at some of the logos of highly successful companies and you will see that sometimes more isn’t always better.  Companies such as Apple, Nike, Adidas, and Samsung all have simple logos that are not more than carefully designed shapes.

Your logo does not need to contain shapes and it could be composed entirely of letters using a set type of font.  If you decide that you want to write your company name using blog print in a royal blue color, make sure to use the same style on all of your correspondences, advertising, and product labeling.   Another part of branding is using the same colors throughout your advertising so that they become associated with your company as well.  Apple tends to use silver, Livestrong uses yellow, and Facebook uses blue.  Be like these companies and follow in their steps, pick a color or two and remain consistent when you advertise.

In addition to a logo and colors, you may also want to come up with a sort of tagline that is easy for people to remember and will concisely sum up your business.  This can be used in conjunction with your logo and will improve consumer recognition of your product.  The wittier or more interesting the tagline is, the more likely that they will remember your company and be able to find you at a later date.  The worst thing to happen to a company is advertising, getting people interested, but then having the people forget them before they actually buy your product.  A great way to avoid this is to make a catchy saying or slogan that will stick in their head and make it easier for them to remember your company later.  Of course, it is important to include the slogan on your website and make sure the site gets indexed by search engines, otherwise people will not be able to find you when they type it into a search bar.

There are some legal aspects that you will want to take care of when creating branding.  The first is to make sure you are not infringing on anyone else’s copyright.  This means not using pictures or logos from other artists or companies and to make sure the content is original.  This can prevent a lot of headaches later on if you are positive that no one will sue you for using a logo similar to theirs.  After you make sure your logo is not similar to anyone else’s, you can get it trademarked so that other people cannot use it without your permission.   There are many rules on what and how you can trademark a logo, so make sure you know all the details before starting.

Branding your company is important for getting recognized by the general public but using the same logos and colors on all your advertising is a great way to start improving your sales.

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