How To Create Vacation Rental For Tourists

Have you ever thought of renting out your home for the vacation rental market?

Here are some points to consider before embarking on such a project.

Your home or apartment should be well situated and close to a holiday destination. The coastal properties will attract a greater interest in summer,than being stuck inland in the sweltering heat.

You will enjoy a greater financial reward by being situated close to the coast with views over the ocean.

The more recreational facilities and services you can offer your potential guests, the more likely that they will be lining up for your wonderful holiday residence. If you are not close to the sea, then having a lovely swimming pool for your guests to relax in, would be a plus! Some lounger chairs dotted round the outdoor area would go a long way to make your space as restful and comfortable as possible.

An outdoor barbecue on your patio will draw potential visitors as they will want to do as little cooking inside as possible. One of the reasons women like to go away from their own kitchen is so that the men can have a hand in the outdoor food preparation.

If there are more than six people coming to stay, they would prefer to spill and make a mess outside and so be spared the task of too much house cleaning!

Your lounge or family area should adjoin your pool space with some large sliding doors for easy access to and fro. An open plan kitchen and dining room will also be very attractive to your potential guests who are more often than not, keen to entertain while on vacation. Ample pots,pans,crockery and essentials are so important. Never scrimp in this department as it is very frustrating for your visitors to get there and find there is nothing to roast their Christmas turkey or leg of lamb in. We always make sure that there are plenty of cups, plates and other essential items in the drawers.

Lovely bedrooms are so important with large comfy beds with crisp good quality linen.This will go a long way to satisfy the needs of your special visitors. The en suite bathrooms should be fresh and clean with ample towels in coordinating colors to match in with the rest of the bedroom scheme and color palette. Beautiful sachets of air freshener will bring a lovely fragrance into your spaces.

Try to make sure that your apartment or home is welcoming, clean and not cluttered with all sorts of ornaments and breakable objects. Holiday makers do not want the added responsibility of watering pot plants and maybe breaking things. Good and clean and fresh is my motto. Just enough decor items like pictures and colorful cushions to bring that holiday feel to the space. Old dark colors can cause people to choose another establishment that has a brighter vacation atmosphere! That would be so sad. Dark furnishings can be changed merely by adding a lighter cotton throw and swapping the pillows with something that has a airy and light design and color.

Remember it is the the little things that people are impressed by and these add up together to bring a pleasurable experience into the lives of your potential visitors. You never know, they might just decide to pay you another visit to your friendly and welcoming establishment the following year! Same time, same place!

image credit – my own photo and establishment.

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