How to Crush Network Marketing Phone Fear in 2 Simple Steps

Are you terrified to pick up the phone as a network marketer? Do you tremble at the thought of speaking to prospects each day? Phone fear absolutely kills your chances of building a prospering, thriving network marketing team. How you can grow your team if you ignore a technique which develops strong, intimate connections quickly?

Crushing your phone fear helps you develop an instant bond with prospects. You can gain the trust of your target market, increasing conversions quickly.

People need to know that you are real. Prospects desire to partner with a living, breathing person who has their best interests at heart.Someone who follows up immediately with a phone call – after you subscribe to their list – proves to you quickly that they are intent on connecting with you personally. You don’t simply receive a canned email. You receive a live call by someone reaching out to form an instant bond with you.

Few coaches call prospects. Most are afraid to reach out, feeling that they are bothering prospects, or annoying them, with a personalized phone call. Of course this fear totally cripples your network marketing growth. How can you grow your opportunity if you feel that connecting with individuals who are interested in joining your team is a bother? No way can you prosper until you believe fully in your venture. Picking up the phone and chatting up prospects demonstrates that you do believe in your opportunity.

Some fear they might be asked a question they are unable to answer. No worries. Simply jot down the question and call the individual back or shoot them an email with the answer.

How can you eradicate phone fear?

Call Every Person Who Provides Their Phone Number

You need to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. I developed my phone skills by feeling embarrassed, ashamed, unworthy, nervous and terrified during phone calls. As a newbie entrepreneur I often spoke to seasoned vets who asked me questions I had no idea how to answer. How did I get through this period? I fielded phone calls. I phoned prospects. I noticed patterns in questions I couldn’t answer and either sought out advice or found the answers on my own. In time I felt comfortable on the phone, until I reached a point where I began to enjoy making phone calls.

If you duck one phone call today you might duck 5 phone calls tomorrow. Form the habit of calling each person who opts-in to your website. Never miss a call. Avoid developing bad habits, like being lazy or making excuses when it’s time to call prospects. The bad habits form a dangerous precedent. Be diligent in making phone calls.

Watch the ego con game. All types of excuses arise as you ponder making calls when new to network marketing. You try to talk yourself out of connecting with individuals from every possible angle. Tell your ego to shut up. Make the call. Build the connection. Grow your team.

Smile During Phone Calls

This one tip alone can boost your conversions at a serious pace. Smiling instantly boosts your vibe. Prospects can feel your energy over the phone. The practice takes little energy to engage in and the results are amazing. Simple smiling puts you at ease, calms you down and adds a high energy element to your conversations.

You can easily deal with all types of prospects; yes, even disgruntled individuals no longer bother you if you choose to smile. No worries as most people are happy to connect with a smiling, positive network marketing coach.

Plant a huge, smiling toothy grin on your face before phone calls. You can’t worry when smiling. You have a tough time being fearful of picking up the phone if you smile. Dance around a little bit. Do a jig to lighten up and loosen up. Your energy before making calls makes all the difference in the world.

A calm, confident, light person remains detached from business outcomes. You simply call, identify yourself, ask how you can help and listen, totally immune to any agendas which creep up in the mind of desperate network marketing coaches. Physically smiling relaxes you and the prospect on the other end of the line.

Try it today. Smile right now. Smile wide. Feel the instant change in your being. How can you be afraid when you let go and smile? Impossible. It takes seconds to smile and raise your vibe. Why not spend a few seconds to erase phone fear and form a stronger bond with individuals you chat with over the phone. A few seconds can make all the difference in the world when it comes to releasing your fears and growing your business online

Conquering Network Marketing Phone Fear – Summary

Call each prospect who subscribes to your mailing list. Form the habit of connecting with all prospects over the phone to build intimate connections with individuals and grow prospering relationships. Avoid the bad habit of ducking even one phone call. This low energy act can set a dangerous precedent for an aspiring online entrepreneur.

Smile before making phone calls. The simple act of smiling lightens you up, making it easier for you to detach from business outcomes. When you are detached it becomes easier to focus on the needs of the prospect. Instead of calling with a desperate vibe you are a calm, confident coach who simply wants to help. This shift in intent does wonders for killing your phone fears instantly.

Take these 2 simple steps to release anxiety around working the phones and you can grow your network marketing team swiftly.

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