How to Dissolve Limiting Beliefs Quickly

Are you being crippled by your limiting beliefs? Do you feel handcuffed by limiting ideas which sprout from your consciousness? Limiting beliefs can kill your chances at successful living. Why? All success sprouts from within. Success is an inner conviction, and if you hold limiting beliefs success can’t manifest in your life. Your limiting ideas literally block successful ideas. You might think about making more money, generate the idea of starting a blog to prosper online, but if you possess limiting beliefs, you will talk yourself out of the idea of blogging to make money immediately.

For example, you will say to yourself that you aren’t talented enough, or experienced enough, or that you have no money to invest in hosting, or a domain name, or you simply will grab at any limiting belief, which prevents you from starting your blogging gig, and naturally, you will never start, and you will continue to struggle making money. You need to dissolve these ideas to allow successful ideas to flow into your being and then, to act on these successful ideas immediately. Successful people simply dissolve blocks most successful people would rather not own. The majority blame away their failures on outside conditions. People blame the economy, whatever seems like an easy target is the simply the whipping boy of lazy, low energy, failure-ridden people. When you own your life, and all your failures, you can become successful quickly. But owning failure is usually preceded by exposing and dissolving your limiting beliefs. When you do this, expect plenty of resistance to rise up in your being. You will be very uncomfortable, and you might flip out a bit as you finally see that you, and you alone, are responsible for your failures. On the other side of these uncomfortable feelings is pure freedom, for when you own your successes and failures permanently, you will never blame anybody for anything, or your results, again.

How can you expose and dissolve your limiting beliefs? How can you begin to live successfully?

Do Uncomfortable Stuff

Most people cower from uncomfortable situations so most people fail horribly in life. Your dream life lies on the other side of uncomfortable situations. Moving into these areas makes you magnetic to money, to good things, to whatever you need to manifest your dreams. All your fears, your terrors, your worries, your anxieties, all of your blocks, arise quickly when you do uncomfortable stuff. In the previously mentioned example I noted someone who was thinking about starting a blog. Even if you decide to begin blogging, all sorts of weird, limiting ideas pop up before you write your first post.

Do uncomfortable stuff persistently. Get used to feeling scared, worried, upset or angry at times if you dream to expose and dissolve your blocks, or limiting beliefs. You know the instant you uncover a block. You feel like garbage. Your self esteem might feel low, you might even feel hopeless. No big deal. Ride it out. Reference inspirational CDs, or read an inspirational ebook if need be. The cure though, the remedy for these blocks, is to simply feel the fear and do it anyway. Feel the block, and cut through the resistance with inspired, persistent action.

Many talk a big game, posting inspirational quotes on social networks all day long, but they never start a blog, or run live webinars, or write an ebook, or drive leads, or run a prospering team. Most people don’t do this stuff, as this takes a lot of courage, and it’s easier to post quotes, to rile people up, and to leave it at that. You need to do uncomfortable stuff to get the things you most want, and posing, by posting inspirational quotes all day long, is not doing uncomfortable stuff.


Meditation is one quick way to uncover your blocks. Why? After meditating persistently you can clearly hear your ego chatter. This means you can hear the loud shouting of your ego limits, telling you why you can’t do whatever it is you are afraid to do. Meditating might be the best thing you could ever do during the course of a day, because meditating frequently helps you drink truth serum. That is, you see your mind as it really is. You view the world as it is, without your faulty, limited ego chatter. So you begin to observe your limiting beliefs from a detached state, instead of trying to explain them away, or ignore them, or bury them. Because as you make excuses for your limiting beliefs, or ignore them, or bury them, these low energies only grow stronger, and as these ideas grow in strength you become more bound, more paralyzed. Sit for 20 minutes daily. Find a quiet spot. Relax. Calm down. Slow down. Focus on your breathing. When your attention drifts, firmly but gently bring your attention back to your breathing. Observe your thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams, sensations in your body, all that stuff, to become aware of what is really happening in your mind. This is meditation.

Dissolving Limiting Beliefs – Summary

Do uncomfortable stuff and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. This is where your blocks will pop up quickly, so you can identify and dissolve these limiting beliefs with persistent, inspired action. Meditate. Become more aware of what is, and learn to listen in to your limiting ego chatter. Take these steps to dissolve your limiting beliefs quickly.

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