How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

Most people know the internet from two things: email and website. Emails and websites are the basic units of the internet. Websites are the most important tools for internet marketers but there are many who are not able to run a website. It can have different reasons but what I want to say is that having a website is not necessary for running an online business and making some extra money.

How can you make money online without a website?

When you have a website, users visit it and order the products or click on the ads and this will make money for you. So a website that has no user and visitor, will not make any money for you. So something that gives value to a website is the visitors and traffic, not just the website pages, design and … .

So you should drive traffic to your website. You can do this by advertising. Fortunately some of the advertising programs let you drive traffic to the affiliate links and you can use this opportunity to make money without having a website. For example, with some of the pay per click advertising programs, and fortunately with the most famous one, Google AdWords, you can advertise your affiliate links and send the traffic directly to the websites that the products can be ordered.

To start an online business without having a website, you need to join an affiliate program and then promote the products. One of the best affiliate programs to join is ClickBank. ClickBank has more than 10,000 electronic products that are downloadable instantly after the order. When you join the ClickBank, you will be allowed to promote all the products and earn commission. It is free to join the ClickBank.

There are many other affiliate programs that you can join:, and Each of these these affiliate programs have thousands or even millions of products that you can promote. So you will have no problem in finding suitable products to promote.

If you are a beginner, it is recommended to start with the ClickBank because it is easier to choose good products with it. Products are listed in the ClickBank Marketplace according to their popularity. The top ranked products and are hot and have higher demand.

Then you will need to choose the related keywords and key phrases for the product you want to promote. Most of the vendors have the list of the keywords on their websites affiliate pages. So you should check their websites and read their affiliate pages. If you can not find the related keywords of a product on a vendor website, you should find the keywords on your own. It is not that hard. You just need to know what the product is about. Then you can use the Google Keyword Suggestion Tool and find all the related keywords.

Finally you need to advertise the product in a pay per click search engine.

You should be careful and keep the track of the amount of the money you spend for advertising and the amount of the profit you make. If you see that you make less than what you spend, you should optimize your ads and find more focused keywords.

You can use other kinds of advertising methods too. For example classified advertising but pay per click is the best and fastest method.

When you learnt what to do, you can promote more products and expand your activity. The most important thing in online business is keeping the track of everything and measuring the rate of success and failure and then optimizing the methods according to the results.


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