How to Drive More Leads through Your Twitter Account Now

Are you killing it on twitter? Do you drive steady leads through your twitter account? Successful entrepreneurs know successful tweeting can expand your home business fast. The social network affords you the ability to grow your following with alarming speed. You can pick up 10, 20 or 50 targeted followers in one day by simply tweeting the right way. By creating value and making connections.

Failed tweeters do it all wrong. They generate zero leads because this crowd fails to realize one truth: you get leads by giving something up. You generate business leads by giving value, or giving of your time, lending a listening ear to people who would like to share their problems with you. You need to treat twitter like a connecting tool. A simple meeting place, where you can build friendships, exchange ideas and leverage your presence over time.

One way tweeters stink. Nobody likes to be on the end of a continual broadcast of promotional tweets. People eventually tune you out, totally ignoring the valuable or value-less tweets you send out in rapid fire format. Open up your stream. Retweet interesting and relevant information. Send out questions. Answer questions. Thank people who retweet your stuff. Engaging frequently makes you human, and human tweeters do really well in the twitter-sphere. People who refuse to engage are seen as bots, and bots do terrible in the twitter-sphere. Bots are seen as spammers, and spammers fail horribly on twitter or anywhere on the web, generating few leads and struggling to make a cent online.

Driving leads becomes easy for the engaging, affable tweeter. Driving leads is a piece of cake for someone who brings value to the tweet table.

How can you drive substantially more leads through your twitter account, starting today?

Chatty Tweeting

Few people actually talk to other people on twitter. Most tweeting is impersonal, simply shooting out link after link in rapid succession. This is not what social media is about because hyper tweeters set up a boring, agitating one way street. Do you like to be sold to? Do you like to be on the receiving end of pitch after pitch? Of course not. You want to be persistently heard. You want to be engaged. You want someone to chat with you, to listen to your problems, to listen to your dreams.

Twitter is about making real, genuine connections with like-minded people. It is not about sending out links all day. Nor is it about sending out updates all day long – even value-packed, text-only updates – without retweeting or engaging individuals. You need to chat to make an impact. You need to meet new people by engaging new people. Ask individuals how their day is going. Ask how you can help people who seem like they might need help. How can you serve? Who can you help?

Chatty tweeters quickly become attractive. Few people actually chat. Most just send out automated tweet after automated tweet. Or they join a ton of tribes and simply become a slave to RSS feeds, never interacting, repelling otherwise interested prospects. You must engage if you hope to drive leads to your site through twitter, because you only drive leads after people see you’re a real person, and trust you because you proved you were real.

Solve Problems

Solve problems with many of your retweets. After chatting up your fellow tweeters write blog posts solving problems of your target market. Maybe some online entrepreneurs have difficulties generating leads with Facebook. Write a post detailing how to generate leads with Facebook. Follow the complaints. These complaints are golden, for they contain within them the idea seeds to a successful lead generation campaign.

Shoot videos detailing how to prosper in your home business niche. Share on twitter. Retweet posts from network marketing pros, helping individuals prosper in this niche. The idea is to always be solving. Intend to help with your tweets. Intend to serve others. Your job becomes infinitely easier if you intend to serve, to help and solve problems with your tweeting. campaign.

Retweet some of the time and create much of the time. Build your brand on your content. Craft at least one piece of content daily. Tweet it two to three times during the day to reach people in different time zones. Of course you need to add an automated element to your twitter campaign when sharing problem-solving posts but never rely entirely on automation. Automated accounts go bye-bye fast. Either twitter closes you down or people completely ignore you. Remember, bots do poorly in the twitter-sphere while people do exceedingly well.

Generating Leads with Twitter – Summary

Be a chatty tweeter. Engage frequently to gain the trust of your target market. Chatting proves you are a real, genuine person who intends to listen, to engage and to solve the problems of your followers. Be sociable to do well on social sites like twitter. Stand out quickly by thanking retweeters – few do this – and asking questions to engage your audience.

Solve problems with your tweets. Create or share problem-solving content each day. Tweet your new blog posts two to three times daily to reach people in different time zones. Prospects have problems and seek solution providers. You can provide these solutions with your fresh, relevant content. Be a problem solver with your tweets. Prosper by helping to improve individual’s lives with your videos, blog posts and articles.

Chat and solve problems. Take these steps daily to generate leads through your twitter site.

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