How to Drive Steady Traffic to Your Blog with Twitter

Calling all tweet-a-holics! Are you generating steady blog traffic through the social network?

Successful tweeters reap the benefits of receiving steady, persistent traffic on the social network. Attracting more leads, receiving more opt-ins and growing your blogging business are a few key rewards for driving blog traffic through twitter.

Twitter is like the Wild West of social media. You have 140 characters to work with, sending out rapid fire tweets on a persistent basis. Make a powerful impact by crafting tweets carefully.

Avoid hyper tweeting. Sending out tweets every few seconds repels followers. Stop using force. Stop stuffing the stream. Start creating value and making connections on the social network.

Like any social site the recipe to successful tweeting consists of helping individuals with content and making connections. Be social. Reach out to fellow tweeters. Connect. Prosper.

Retweet Frequently

Share your stream. Retweeters are popular in a world of selfish, one way tweeters. Sharing your stream helps to drive traffic to fellow tweeter’s websites. By helping others you help yourself.

Other tweeters will retweet you. As your retweets increase you expand into new, targeted audiences. Devote at least half of your stream to retweets.

Use the traditional method of retweeting. Manually cut and paste tweets. People generally ignore the auto retweet feature that twitter provides due to the ease and frequency with which some individuals use this feature. The personal, manual touch works best.


Automate some twitter processes. Send out old posts with a plug-in. Use tools to send out tweets during high viewing periods.

One note: never fully automate your entire twitter campaign. This is the social media kiss of death. Focus instead on automating some elements and personalizing aspects of your campaign.

Using automation tools helps you add a passive element to your strategy. Spend time with your family. Take day trips. Passive marketing is a necessity for people who work full time jobs.

Send out tweets hourly. Build a steady, valuable twitter stream to draw traffic to your blog.

Minimize Promotional Tweets

Minimize tweets focused on your squeeze page or home based opportunity. Pull back from sales. Sending out pitch tweets repels individuals. You need to offer value to become valuable in the eyes of fellow tweeters.

Tweet one squeeze page update daily. Use your other tweets to create value and build connections with fellow tweeters.

Scrap Auto Direct Messages

Never use an auto direct message service. This practice smacks insincerity and simply adds spam to an already cluttered internet.

Make a personal connection or no connection at all. As your following grows as a new online entrepreneur feel free to send a personalized message to each new follower. In time you need to suspend this practice for the sheer volume of your followers will be too great.

Stay on Topic

Tweet relevant topics. Program people to respond to your persistent, consistent message. Stay on topic in your home business or internet marketing niche.

Moving off topic confuses your audience. Confused audiences rarely click through, meaning little traffic for your blog.

Become an authority in your niche. Tweet content related to your niche throughout the day. Tweeting relevant content persistently increases the likelihood of you being added to twitter lists. Being added to lists establishes your authority, making your stream desired by aspiring bloggers.

Link Up Through Your Blog

Link up to your twitter account on your blog. Make your twitter icon visible. Use an eye-catching image. Attract more traffic to your twitter account and in turn drive more twitter traffic to your blog.

Ask Questions

Engage persistently by asking questions. People need to be heard. Tweeters want to know someone listens to their problems, hopes, concerns and dreams.

Ask at least 1 question daily related to your niche. Engage your audience. Generate more traffic


Be ready to share answers for your questions asked.  Be a person not a profile. Some tweeters ask questions but never provide answers People who answer drive targeted traffic to their blog by word of mouth advertising.

Let’s say you provide a helpful answer to a select question. The person you helped might refer you to another friend who needs your assistance. As your word of mouth marketing campaign grows you gain more trust.

More trust means more traffic, more leads and more business growth.

Link to Your Blog

Increasing blog traffic means linking directly to your blog on your twitter profile page. Some make the mistake of providing multiple links on their twitter bio. Multiple calls to action confuse visitors, leading to few or no clicks.

Link up directly to your blog. Tell visitors how you can benefit them. State your expertise.

Write Helpful Content

Using all the clever twitter tips in the world drives zero traffic to your website if your blog content is poor. Write helpful, usable content. Solve problems with your posts. Problem solvers never lack for traffic on twitter or any social network.

Pen helpful, intriguing titles. Follow up with entertaining, practical content. Drive blog traffic through your latest tweets.

Driving Steady Blog Traffic with Twitter – Summary

Engage frequently on twitter to build trust and increase blog traffic. Automate some processes. Add a passive element to your traffic generation campaign. Write helpful content. Magnetize yourself to targeted visitors. Follow each step to drive consistent traffic to your blog using twitter.

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