How to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website with Facebook

Are you driving steady, targeted traffic to your website using Facebook? The social network helps you build trust, establish your authority and generate heavy traffic to your website. Before you begin attracting traffic from Facebook you need to do one thing. Successes do this thing with ease, failures have a tough time doing this thing. What is it? What do you need to do, to work Facebook effectively? You need to detach from business outcomes. This means you need to intend to help people, to make connections and forget about driving traffic.

The paradox of online success is that you generally forget about your initial intent as you grow. For instance, you might seek to drive traffic to your website, through your Facebook profile. As you learn what it really takes to generate steady traffic through Facebook you naturally detach from outcomes like driving traffic, moving your focus to establishing relationships and providing value to your target market. The shift is subtle at first, until you realize that you get by giving. You become less concerned with getting traffic, sales and leads, and more concerned with giving of your time and talents, helping people to reach their goals and dreams. At this point the getting becomes quite easy because you detach from getting and focus strictly on giving. You might observe your metrics, and analyze your activities, but you are less obsessed with these metrics. You are less worried with your results because you know the getting takes care of itself as you give freely.

Detachment is a chore at first until you habitually let go from outcomes. This occurs with practice. As you simply move your attention to serving, engaging and sharing of your story, you naturally attract more traffic to your website.

How can you drive more traffic to your website with your Facebook account?

Engage Persistently

By chatting persistently your profile becomes more attractive. You automatically drive more traffic because more interested people visit your website. Chatting means leaving value-packed comments on relevant status updates, sharing your insight freely. Send private, personalized messages to like-minded individuals. Form strong bonds by being social. Social people make more friends, which establishes their presence, which influences more people to promote them, which of course drives more traffic to their website. The genesis of all these sensational benefits? Being social.

Chat friends by asking questions to your network. Take the time to listen to your target market, to listen to your friends. By doing this you can find out what people are struggling with. Ask questions related to these struggles. Listen for answers. Most importantly, respond to the responses you receive. Help people realize that yes, you are actually listening to their insight. You are tuning into their problems, you are focusing on how you can best help your friends by listening to their problems and responding in an appropriate time frame.

Share of Your Story

How can you become infinitely more interesting to your friends? How can you make more like-minded friends with greater ease? How can you drive more targeted traffic after meeting these new individuals? Share of your story. Talk about yourself in your Facebook profile section. Share your interests. What do you like? What do you dislike? By sharing your story it becomes easier to drive targeted traffic to your website. Like-minded people find you with greater ease. As an increasing number of people connect with you expect to get more clicks and drive more traffic to your website. The genesis of this traffic? Opening up. Many people prefer to hide on social networks, not posting their pictures and sharing little information with their friends. This is a massive mistake in the online realm, because few people trust individuals who hide. What do you have to hide? Why are you hiding? People sense this fear in you and head for the hills. Open up. Share. Prosper.

Get over yourself and your limiting beliefs. Many people believe their story is not worth telling, believing they have lived a boring, uninspiring life. Nothing could be further from the truth. You can recount obstacle after obstacle you have overcome. You can share your struggles. You likely received massive inspiration from a variety of sources before starting any venture. You often need that little extra push, to learn that somebody else has achieved what you wish to achieve, to jump feet first into any venture. It helps when you realize that people have reached goals that you wish to reach. You can proceed with faith armed with that little bit of extra confidence. Share of your story. Inspire other people to do what you have done, and you make a ton more friends, and in turn, you drive more targeted traffic to your website.

Driving Targeted Traffic with Facebook – Summary

Attract more targeted traffic through your Facebook profile by engaging persistently. Reach out to people. Chat. Engage. Engaging helps people to realize that you are genuinely interested in their life, in their problems, hopes and dreams. Share of your story. Tell readers and friends something about yourself, sharing your interests, so like-minded people can find you and connect with you, with greater ease.

Use these tips to drive more targeted traffic to your website with Facebook.

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