How To Earn Money Online

Do you want to earn money online?

Earning money online is becoming easier and more popular as time goes on. Both businesses and individuals are taking advantage of the opportunities available. For a computer savvy person, the possibilities are endless. There are also many methods available for the novice computer operator. For a list of opportunities, please read on:

1. Writing – one of the easiest ways to earn money online is by writing. There are many sites that will pay you to submit articles to them, either by ad revenue shares, fixed article prices or pay per number of views each article receives. This method does take time to establish a steady income, but it can be achieved. The best way to earn this way is by submitting quality articles to a few different sites. One thing I must stress is to use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. The more professional your articles are, the better your chances of earning money. Many sites have Google AdSense integrated into their revenue program; I suggest you join to achieve maximum earning potential.

2. Selling products on eBay is also becoming very popular. In order to make money this way you will need to have items for sale on a regular basis. Many people purchase items wholesale and resell on eBay. Other items that may be sold are personal items such as CD’s, used items, furniture and even vehicles. It is important to factor in listing fees and shipping before you get started, as occasionally it costs more to list than the item is worth. This is especially true when an item is listed for an extended period of time.

3. Setting up and maintaining a website or blog can be very lucrative. The key with this method is to incorporate a physical or digital product, in addition to an informative blog or website. Many people who make crafts will showcase their items on their site and integrate PayPal so orders may be received and payment collected before shipping the product. In addition to or instead of a physical product, many will offer information on their sites. These may be monetized by using affiliate links and/or AdSense. If the blog or site receives a lot of traffic due to original and informative content, you can easily earn a modest amount of money. Be advised those who maintain and update their sites on a regular basis are more apt to earn more than those who add content once and sit back and wait. It does take work, so expect to put in several hours before you see any return. It is also in your best interest to provide links to your site, without spamming others.

4. Do surveys online. This can be lucrative, but in my personal experience it takes a lot of time and many different companies to make it feasible. If anyone disagrees and can prove me wrong, by all means share your experience with the rest of us.

5. Become a freelancer offering services such as bookkeeping, copywriting, copyediting or proofreading. There are virtual office sites which will match your experience and abilities with potential employers. Sites such as oDesk and are good to belong to. They ensure you are paid for your work, and feedback is available for both employer and employee.

6. Write an e-book about a popular topic that interests you. This way you can sell unlimited copies via your own website. Consider a How To manual or report, much like this article. You will need to elaborate to make it book length, but keep the facts straight and avoid a lot of “filler”. Your readers will want information that is to the point and easy to follow. An e-book can be in the range of 6000 words and up. The best part about formatting your book as an e-book is there is no inventory to keep and no shipping to worry about. All you need to do is set your price and integrate a payment processor such as PayPal. When payment is received you simply send the customer the digital file via email. There is also the option of fully automating shipment via or PayPal. You can also utilize autoresponder software for shipping your products as well. You will still need to market your e-book(s), but the time spent will be rewarded once you start making sales. To increase your earnings, write more than one book and sell them via your website or through a site such as or

7. Join affiliate programs and sell products via your website. Amazon, Clickbank and Commission Junction are all reputable firms to sign up with. They pay a commission for sales you make. This in itself can be a lucrative venture if you are willing to put in some time to market the products. It is a win-win for both the affiliate and the product designer/author. Clickbank has thousands of digital products to choose from, including crafts, household repairs, shed plans, writing information, etc.

Online businesses are the wave of the present and future. More people are looking for ways to supplement or replace their current wage by searching for a way to do so online. Why not join the hundreds of thousands of people all over the world who have already found their way in the online business world?

Keep in mind it will take some hard work in the beginning, just as any other business does. The rewards will be tenfold within a year if you find the right opportunity for you. It may take some trial and error, but will be worth it in the end.

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