How to Find a Job

In today’s economy, just about everyone is saying “I can’t find a job anywhere”; or some alternative.  It is a tough world and it keeps getting tougher.  I have seen the different sides of getting a job such as someone looking for a job while they are employed, someone who has no job, and various other situations.  I would say that the toughest one is someone that was just fired and is trying to get another job.

There are many helpful hints and steps to follow when it comes to finding a job but the bottom line is that finding a good job is difficult.  That is why finding a job takes a lot of patience, willingness to do anything, and adopting a Yes attitude.  The first and most important step in successfully finding a job is to get your name out there.  Apply to anything and everything that you possibly can.  Obviously this strategy gives you the best possible chance of getting a job just based off of statistics.  However, what you might not think a lot about is how much experience you are gaining just by applying.   You will get many interviews where you can  hone your interpersonal skills so that the interview for the job that is really enticing you can nail.  Whether it is fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s, a huge retailing company such as Walmart, or just a random job in your community, there is a job out there for everyone and there is no way to get that job unless you take the initiative to apply for it.

One of the best places to put your name into is a temp agency.  These employment agencies are proven successes that truly work.  They take your name, throw it out quickly to every employer looking for people to hire, and give out temporary jobs to people who need them.  It is a perfect system of reciprocity.  Going to an agency will enhance your chances of getting a job immensely.  A friend of mine received three jobs from a temp agency just this past year.  The final employer liked her so much that they gave her a permanent job.  These type of stories happen everyday and its up to you to make yourself the main character.

Some people get embarrassed when they don’t have a job and don’t do anything about it.  The key is to keep your head up, do not get discouraged, and keep applying to jobs.

My final piece of advice for you all, and in my opinion, the single most important thing, is to ALWAYS SAY YES!  If you are down in the dumps and can not find a job then you should not be picky.  The first job that becomes available, you should accept it.  Remember, it is harder to find a job then it is to quit one.  The worst case scenario is that you get hired by a place you hate, have to quit that job when another employer offers a better one.  Actually, that is not true, the worst case scenario would be not accepting the job in the first place because sitting at home watching TV on the couch is not a good lifestyle.  Believe me, being unemployed is not fun.  Happiness is just around the corner and it all starts with applying everywhere.  Don’t be scared, life is too short and too important to dwell on the down times.  Get a job and move on!  Hopefully this advice helps because it sure has helped me.

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Hello, my name is Mitchell Margolis. I am a lover of everything that has anything to do with sports and that is what I base most of my life on. Currently, I am in college working on a degree in business management. There have been many experiences and life lessons in my life that have helped shape me and I feel obligated to share some of these with you all. I can pretty much talk about anything and I will definitely try to cover many different topics. Hopefully everyone will benefit and enjoy reading what I have to write and I will look forward to seeing your responses.


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