How To Find Peace And Contentment Through Spiritual Development

First I must give the definition of peace which is a experienced quietude within oneself.

There is contentment; contentment is being satisfied with the self and spirituality means a true connection with the savior through whatever method used. Some people connect by prayer, a experience you cannot touch but through faith you identify.

Development is growth. It can occur in many ways such as financial, mental, spiritual, physical and so on. My main focus here is spiritual growth, a crucial aspect of man’s life that remains amiss in many of us. I call it the missing link now a days, spirituality is was the main player in the creation of the earth and still remain dominant in many people lifestyle.

But let us ask ourselves what is spiritual growth and how could we find it?

Spirituality is being able to communicate through faith with your Divine Being and Faith is a belief not seen but can be experienced. We find spirituality through peace and contentment; Here is a example of what I want to bring across, there are instances where your needs are met through Divine Intervention and manifestation when you arrive at certain point in your spirituality.

Spirituality occur through true connection through prayer or by networking with people who is experiencing the same growth effect , drawing each other energy in a Divine way. Arriving at this point you experience word play like freedom, peace and contentment in your life. You become aware be more accepting being able to be open to love and forgive more readily. You are rich even though poor, you are fed when hungry and clothes when naked, learning to appreciate the beauty of the world and not take little things and life for granted. You become a survivor, contented, peaceful, free and rich in spirit. You are able to ride the storm because your faith increases tremendously.

Everyone need to experience and try to accomplish this close relationship with God, so one can gain strength and revelation in oneself and find favor in the good qualities that life has to offer. This writer is able to rely upon His understanding and strength so I have the will power not to turn to artificial substances that mankind offers. I am no bible beater nor am I perfect but I have strength. These connections are deep stuff that some people ignore in their lives, but everything has it rightful place. You just have to find the right slot that’s open.

One of man’s objectives is to find happiness; they will do anything to find it. Is man looking in the right direction in pursuit of happiness? Some might argue otherwise, I am going to argue that there is a chain connection in all these things mention, they exist from beginning of time but they have its rightful place. It Is your job to find the right place by connection through inspiration. Seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened to you.

You can achieve all these that lead to self development and security through Divine strength. Some have become powerful thus gaining the wealth of the world yet deep inside they are lonely and unhappy because they lost focus and forget the fundamental formation that fill the gap of loneness and happiness leading from spirituality. Following all the inspired format in Divine strength , balancing our lives the best way we can in moderation through humbling our selves. We should recognize our blessing and favors by being thankful. Owning and claiming the many talents and favors givens but not being boastful about it.

I mention mental and physical growth through spirituality. If one is not well in mind body and soul it will be impossible to function well. We ought be able to identify the functions of our bodies to love and appreciate this valuable temple from God and not sacrum to the use and abuse through drug and alcohol addiction which some of us fall prey to. If we seek spirituality we will find peace , joy and live in his mercy and grace , gaining strength. We should refresh our spirits, laugh more we should smile and welcome upon our face the glow of his presence that some will try unssuccefully to wipe away. God can create peace within us.

We will be to explore our spirituality by being the light of the world. Let his light shine in our lives, welcoming love and joy in us. We can be able to address our physical wellness by staying healthy to enter into a longer life expectancy.

Now we can be of assistance to others we have better health, state of mind and peace around us which we work to create. Live it into practice. Practice becomes perfect and you will strive to be the best of the fruit given from God. Fall you will fall, you are a survivor. You are the cream of God’s crop. You will be able to dance yourself onto victories and sing yourself into melodies. You will be able to nature and appreciate the natural love of GOD.

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I am Shyrell Wisdom, I was born in Jamaica in Kingston , St. Andrew. I attended Seaward Allage School and finished my Secondary Education at Penwood High in Kingston. At Seaward I recall being selected for the school choir for upcoming special events at an early age . I also remember being runner up in the Secondary school beauty pagent at the age of 16. I was somewhat a quiet student who was from my recollections was very active in my academics . In high school my major was Business Education. I left school and hooked up with my husband Paul Wisdom now separated but still married, and from that union produce 4 children who were born in Jamaica. We migrated to the United State on 2 separate immigration process which resulted in me coming later. I am now proudly part of the Services for the Underserve family. As a respected member of the housing facility in Queens, I am also part of their clubhouse in Brooklyn where I am very much active, and also participating in running a poetry group which I volunteer to run every Tuesday. At the club house I am currently training as a trainee Peer Specialist to work with mentally challenged people of different levels and diversities. I attend The Mid Manhattan Adult Training Center in Manhattan. No stranger to writing , I write poetry and have a collection of poems which I hope to publish someday soon.

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