How To Free Yourself From Self-doubt

Self doubt is very vicious and never allows anyone improve on anything good. If there is something the devil does best, it is to convince you that you are less than who God has ordained you to be. Before you were born before you were formed even, God knew who you were and he set you aside to be great Jeremiah 1:5. Not only that, you can be whatever you set your mind to be. Self doubt is the lie of the enemy, designed to leave you a mediocre. Once you let yourself get convinced that you can’t do this or that because of this or that reason, and then your entire body would refuse to corporate. The scriptures also described the heart as the well spring of life, meaning that your defeat in life is made possible because it had already happened in your heart.  If you or someone you know is battling with self doubt, here are some ways you can deal with it.

1. Pick on a single thing you know you are good at: This can be anything really. Sometimes it is quite overwhelming trying to figure out all the stuff you are good at, all at once. A good place to begin, would be to identify one thing you do best and let it be your starting point, Acknowledge that you did and you know if you could do that, you could do anything. Let this be an encouragement to try other stuff.

2. Take it a step at a time: Develop on that strength or ability you’ve discovered. The wisdom here is not to try to do it all in one day or to try to do it the way you’ve seen someone else do it. In the journey of self discovery, there is no rush, just as there is no known time universally set for every individual to work by.  Again do not allow yourself to be pressured into desperation. Just because someone else seems to have it all does not mean you are less likely to succeed in your quest. Slow but steady strides would bring you success.

3. Allow yourself to make mistake: Everybody makes them. Acknowledge your mistakes and learn from there. It only shows you are a normal human being. People who fear to venture into stuff because they are afraid to fail would remain at a particular frustrating point. Mistakes happen to show there is something else you need to learn on a subject. The wisdom is to find what it is you haven’t done right and begin to do it better.

4. Talk about it: it doesn’t matter if it is just one stuff you are good at, treat it like its everything. Talk about it everywhere you go, be proud of it.   Hear it now, no one would sing your praises for you if you don’t. no one would blow your trumpet for you either. As you develop on yourself, as you become better and prosperous at what you do, flaunt it, in a good way of course. Let the world know about it and whatever it is that you do. Your confidence grows with every achievement that you make.

Finally, every great man or woman you know have their point of nervousness. In other words, it is okay to be self conscious every now and again, it is also okay to feel nervous sometimes but be careful of self doubt, it could be your biggest limitation.

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