How to Get Traffic from Reddit for Free

When we think of social networking, we have to remember the fact that if we follow the correct approach, it has the influence to get in lots and lots of collective traffic to just about every website. This is due to latest embracing and introduction of portable devices like tablet computers and smartphones which have only added to the increase in the activity on social networking sites as a whole. It was recently observed that nine out of ten online users visit a social networking website not less than once a month. Reddit is one of the major social networking sites.

It features user-submitted content and related news items on a wide variety of subjects from people across the world.  All the links submitted to reddit by its users are graded by a voting system in an independent way. In this voting system reddit members can cast their votes either positive or negative on every link that is submitted to the site.  When a link is favoured with the highest number of positive votes, it is moved forward to the first page of the website. There is reason as to why a person must be using reddit. Think about the following situation.

People copy the hyperlink of a blog post that they have recently published, paste it to the submission page of reddit, hit the ‘submit, button and wait.  After waiting for about an hour, when they check their stats for traffic, they find that they have received about hundred distinctive hits since the time the link was submitted.  A couple of hours later, they are surprised to find that their traffic has gone up beyond thousand hits.  They further find out that their reddit viewers are posting their link to other social networking websites like Facebook and twitter, which results in still more traffic.

Obviously, all this becomes possible because the users or the members on the website take some time to post their link to reddit. It is one of the incredibly valid and helpful methods to make your blog or website spread like a virus through the medium of social networking sites. I always believed that things like this are possible. This is precisely how I stumbled upon the power of reddit to go viral.  This too happened after submitting a link in an informal way from a new website and gained over thousand hits within a period of twenty-four hours flat.

Once you experience the flow of traffic from the extensive user base of reddit to your website, very soon you will understood how reddit is an important tool to promote all your content. Just like the other two popular social networking wesites StumbleUpon and Digg, moving forward to the first page of reddit can definitely have an effect of getting lots and lots of hits to your blog or website beyond doubt.  This in turn will allow you to show your product to an enormous amount of viewers. Thus you get the opportunity to create lasting relationships with new people.

Reddit as a social networking website has a well-built and flourishing group of people as its user members. You can easily take advantage of this community of people to present your content in the midst of an apparently unlimited number of viewers. Joining Reddit is very easy like signing up for other social networking websites. Just visit the website and enter your information to sign up for a user account.  Once you joined and your account has also become active, you will be in a position to post the links you want for the reddit users to view and vote.

Once you have joined reddit, you will also be in a position to support or downgrade any other link submitted by other users by simply pushing the positive or negative button that can be seen next to each link that are submitted to reddit. However, on reddit, you should do something more than merely submitting your own links for others to vote. Why is this so?  In the beginning, it may be attractive to just submit your own links and then leave the website completely.  However a clever user of reddit knows that an approach like this can only create more damage than good.

It is advisable that before you start doing anything on the site, you must take a look at the page of ‘frequently asked questions’ in order to get acquainted yourself as to how you should use the website. As a member on reddit, you should be aware of the fact that when a specific link is supported or downgraded, the user who originally submitted it will be either compensated or penalized by way of a system called “karma”.  The system of karma on reddit is made by way of a system based on points for all member users of the website.

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