How to Get Younger Looking Hands: 3 Top Tips for Younger Looking Hands

We use our hands every day and yet we seem to forget to take care of our hands.

With a little care we can look after the health of our hands better and keep them looking young. As we all know the hands often show the first signs of aging and to know how you can get younger looking hands is an important part of any beauty regime.

So how do we look after our hands? It is not very difficult to look after your hands but it is just as important as getting regular facials or massages.

Here are three easy to follow top tips how you can get younger looking hands and keep your hands looking good.

Tip One for Younger Looking Hands – Improve Your Circulation

Poor circulation can easily affect our hands and even lead to serious health problems such as Raynaud’s disease. Good circulation can also help to prevent common auto immune diseases such arthritis.

There are several ways in which you can improve the circulation in your hands and none of them are complicated.

In today’s modern world we spend a lot of time in front of the computer using the keyboard. Whilst using the key board does provide exercise for your fingers, you hands may remain in the same position for a long time.

It is a good idea to remember to take a break every so often and exercise your hands.

Exercising your hands is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Quick hand exercises for better circulation:


Stretch your wrists – Hold your hand out your hand in front of you with the palm facing up. Grab hold of your hand with the other hand and pull the palm down. Hold for about 30 seconds. Now push the palm up and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat on the other hand.

Straight hand stretch – Stretch both your hands out in front of you, stretch your arm and squeeze your hands together. Hold for about 30 seconds and release.

Reverse hand stretch – Hold your hands together out in front of you and place your palms together. Now interlace your fingers but don’t grip. Turn your palms facing away from you and stretch out your arms. Hold for 30 seconds and release.

It is really just as easy as that. You have now stretched the muscles in your hands and tendons.

You can also make up your own natural home remedy for your hands.

The herb Rosemary is well known to improve circulation and just like your feet your hands can benefit from a spa treatment.

Pour body temperature warm water in a large bowl and add five drops of Rosemary essential oil. Place your hands in the water and soak for about ten minutes.

Afterwards you hands will feel warmer and your circulation will have improved.

Massage your hands as your dry them to complete this simple home spa treatment.

Tip Two for Younger Looking Hands – Don’t Forget Your Gloves

Putting your gloves on when you do the dishes or go outside in the cold are both important points.

Ladies always use to wear gloves in the winter time but for some reason we now choose to freeze instead. Cold weather can cause a lot of damage. First of all it will affect the blood circulation in your hands and it will also lead to poor skin quality. As the skin cools down small crystals of water will freeze on your hands and this dries out the skin.

Dry skin on the hands will quickly lead to embarrassing wrinkles and lines, and may even lead to more severe conditions such as frost bite. So ladies, glove and invest in a pair of good quality gloves to protect your hands in the winter.

To do the dishes or house work without your rubber gloves can be very hazardous.

Not only does the water dry the skin of your hands out but you also expose your hands to chemicals. Many cleaners contain parabens which are chemicals and parabens are very hazardous to skin. They are responsible for causing various types of eczema and may even lead to permanent discolouring of the hands. So don’t forget your rubber gloves, you don’t want to risk exposing the skin on your hands to dangerous chemicals.

Tip Three for Younger Looking Hands – Don’t Forget the Hand Cream

Don’t let anybody tell you that you are vain when you put on your hand cream. Hand creams are essential when it comes to younger looking hands and will even help to prevent age spots.

More importantly they will also help to stave of dry skin, sun damage and perhaps even dermatitis. There are many different types of dermatitis but it is a condition which is linked to skin damage and dry skin.

It is a good idea to invest in a good quality hand cream and here are some tips on what to look for in a hand cream which will really support and benefit your hands:

• Make sure the hand cream contains a UV filter. A UV filter will help to reduce age spots.

• Vitamin A – vitamin A can help to improve skin quality and even lighten damaged skin.

• PABA – PABA is an amino acid which works together with vitamin B complex.

Many skin serums now contain PABA as it has been found to reduce wrinkles.

• Essential oils are important ingredients in skin care as well. Look out for hand creams containing essential oil of Lotus, Myrrh or Frankincense. All three essential oils are well known for their anti aging qualities.

• Try to choose a hand care cream which does not contain too many parabens. A completely natural hand cream is the best to use but may be more expensive.

Looking after and caring for your hands does not have to be complicated or expensive.

Just thinking and acting smart when it comes to your hands is all it takes. Sticking to a good hand care routine may help to prevent problems such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendinitis and Ganglion Cysts.

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