How to Grow Your Facebook Friend Base Quickly


Is your Facebook profile page a ghost town? Are you struggling to make even a single friend? Facebook can prosper your home business tremendously if you play the FB game intelligently.

Most people do a poor job connecting with individuals for business purposes. This crowd tries to get before giving, pushing their opportunity down the throats of people who have zero interest in their opportunity. You can’t become friends with someone who you anger. Be a friend first. Make a strong connection. Forget business. Keep it personal. By detaching from the business side of things friends flow in with increasing ease.

Be sociable. Respond on social networks, send out personalized friends requests. If you are meeting someone for the first time offline how would the introduction occur? Would you slap a business card into the individual’s hand? Of course not. You would connect with a handshake and proceed to learn a little bit about each other to slowly build a relationship.

Picture yourself building offline connections. Be patient. You rarely rush the offline process so you should never rush the online process. You can’t push through the relationship-building process if you hope to build your friend base significantly.

Make more friends by acting like a friend. Make personalized connection through messages. Promote your friend’s content. Leave helpful comments on status updates. Facebook Share persistently to develop the reputation of a giver. Free givers prosper in the online game. Free givers make Facebook friends with ease.

As your friend base grows expect your business to take off. Your social proof rises. Your presence is leveraged as an increasing number of individuals promote the heck out of your latest blog posts and videos. These things happen because you decided to become a friend. You detached from business outcomes and focused instead on serving individuals.

Servers in the online world are generously served, meaning you receive friends by simply intending to help people out on Facebook.

Detach from Outcomes

Many people hop on Facebook with agendas in mind. Maybe you want to grow your online business. Or perhaps you want to generate more leads with the social site. It’s OK to have business goals in mind but you must detach from goals or else you run the risk of treating people like numbers. You attempt to force individuals to friend you, or you force your opportunity down people’s throats with the silly, business-killing act of spamming.

If you detach from business outcomes you simply intend to make friends without looking for some secret, business-driven benefit residing underneath the friendship. No agendas, no looking at a Facebook friend like a prospect, profile, number, or tool. No, you simply connect with individuals to help others and grow your network.

Detaching from outcomes makes you super attractive to Facebook friends. Why? You no longer give off the needy, desperate vibe which besieges so many people on the network. Notice how many people spam the heck out of Facebook Groups with hyped-up, wild claims, caps-lock frenzy and all types of spamming tactics which repel business? These folks are heavily attached to business outcomes. The crowd simply sees Facebook and their friend network as a group of tools through which they can make money. So naturally, these attached individuals use others to prosper online. This leads to online doom as people who use others – instead of serving them – become blacklisted as spammers or scammers in the online realm, sullying their reputation.

Detached individuals never spam, or attempt to use anybody. This crowd intends to serve. They post value-packed status updates, entertaining facts and eye-catching images. Detached people rarely talk business. They provide step by step, free instructions on how to prosper with opportunities, but they never push their opportunity down people’s throats. This crowd naturally becomes hyper attractive to hungry prospects. No desperate vibe coming from their being; just a sense of calm, peaceful confidence, which prospects respond to favorably.

Join Relevant Groups

Hang out where like-minded people hang out. Make it easy for people with similar interests to find you. Like-minded people are your target market, because connecting with interested people prospers both parties quickly. You can share ideas, inspire one another and maybe prosper each other by buying the other party’s products or joining each other’s teams. But you detach from these outcomes, simply joining relevant groups and leaving helpful comments, posting insightful status updates and doing so on a daily basis to connect with individuals.

Never waste time joining groups that do not interest you. The goal is to meet as many like-minded people as possible. Build a non-resistant network. As you make friends expect your word of mouth friend network to increase. You see more friend suggestions daily because you make a positive impact on people with similar interests.

Hit groups daily. Be everywhere without being in a panic or hurry. Simply create value and making connections with new friends grows easier as your network grows.

Growing Your Facebook Fan Base – Summary

Detach from business outcomes. Lose the needy, desperate vibe which repels friends by the boatload. Seek to help. Intend to serve. Be a friend before you become friends to magnetize yourself to a massive fan base quickly.

Join relevant Facebook Groups. Hold the intent to connect with like-minded people by creating value and making intimate connections. Persistently visit Facebook Groups to be all over the place and grow your friend base.

Take each step daily to become a Facebook friend-making machine.

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