How to Have Your Website Ranked Both in Google and Yahoo

It is about two years or so that Yahoo has launched its own search system. It was used to use the Google search before. It means when your website was ranked in Google, it was also ranked in Yahoo.

There was just an exception. Those websites that were indexed in Yahoo directory, had priority for Yahoo. Yahoo search result was the mixture of the Google search result and Yahoo directory. Webmasters tried to list their websites in the Yahoo directory to make sure that their websites were listed in the Yahoo search result.

You could easily have a new website ranked in the Yahoo search result with some of the main keywords in just 2 weeks. Yes, 2 weeks!

You just needed to register a domain that contained the main keyword, design the website and optimize it for the main keyword, submit it to the Yahoo directory and then wait. In most cases, you could have the website ranked on the first search result pages after about two weeks.

When Yahoo launched its search system and stopped using Google, everything was changed. Having the website listed in the Yahoo directory didn’t have any effect for Yahoo search ranking. Most of the websites that were on the first pages in Google, couldn’t be found on Yahoo search result. For a long time, nobody could understand anything about the algorithm of Yahoo search system.

For example, for a very competitive keyword, a website was ranked as the first website that didn’t even have any backlink whereas good and popular websites with thousands of backlinks couldn’t be found on the Yahoo search result.

Generally, the below differences can be seen between Yahoo and Google:

1- Yahoo pays more attention to the number of backlinks whereas for Google the quality of the links is more important.

2- Yahoo pays less attention to having the keywords in the anchor text and also the texts around the link whereas it is so important for Google.

3- The website internal factors are less important for Yahoo. For example the internal links, number of pages, regular updating, unique and distinct content is more important for Google than for Yahoo.

4- Higher keyword density is acceptable for Yahoo but Google is highly against it.

So question is what to do to have a good ranking both in Yahoo and Google?

You may think that there are some tricks for having your websites ranked reasonably and highly both in Google and Yahoo.

No, there is no trick but there are good and legitimate ways. Let’s review the Yahoo and Google differences and see what you should do:

1- Yahoo gives more credit to the number of backlinks. Of course this is important for Google too but the quality of the backlinks is more important for Google.

So what should you do to have backlinks that help your Yahoo and Google ranking? The answer is high number of quality backlinks.

How is it possible?

Well, it needs several articles to answer to this question but briefly, the most important thing that helps your website to have high number of quality backlinks is quality content.

1. Your website should have quality content and information or unique and quality products and services. If so, other webmasters will link to your website and your website will have an organic link popularity after a while.

It is impossible to have quality backlinks for your website through methods like submitting to FFA, web directories and link exchanging. It is a long time that these methods don’t work.

2- Google can easily understand when a webmaster tries to make an artificial link popularity for his/her website. Google likes websites to look normal and natural and the links they receive to be natural and organic too. When you try to increase your website link popularity by exchanging links or submitting your website to tens of web directories, your website backlinks don’t look natural and organic because most of them will have the same anchor text.

This is good to have the keywords in the anchor text but when your website has a lot of backlinks with the same keyword, it means someone has tried to increase your website link popularity artificially.

When you have a good website and other webmasters link to it, you can not ask them to have the anchor text in the link because you don’t know who will link to your website BUT most of these links will have the main keywords in the anchor text or if they don’t, the texts around the link will have the keywords because your website will always receive links from the websites of the same niche that have the same keywords on their pages.

Google can understand this easily. It means Google understands that a link is organic, has the keyword in the anchor text or what other texts are around the link on the page. It is still a little hard for Yahoo to distinguish these factors like Google but they have tried to do their best to know the organic and artificial links. For example your website will be banned by Yahoo if most of the backlinks are reciprocal. This is what that MSN (Bing) does too.

3- Internal factors like good navigation, unique title and description for the pages, high number of pages and information are so important for Google. Google doesn’t give a high ranking for the main and competitive keywords to the websites that have few pages. Such websites can have good link popularity but Google knows that a website that has few pages can not be helpful for users.

But I sometimes see that such websites are ranked in Yahoo on the first page with a competitive keyword. Even you can find websites on the Yahoo first search result pages that have not been updated for several months and no new page is added to them. Some of them are forgotten websites and their webmasters even don’t know that their websites are receiving traffic from Yahoo.

So you should design a neat, organized, active and dynamic website. This is what Google likes. Although Yahoo pays less attention to these factors but such websites still have more chance to become ranked on Yahoo too. On the other hand, Yahoo is improving too and so these kinds of websites will have more chance in future.

4- I don’t like to say what level of keyword density is good for your website. Do you know why? When I always advise you to have a good website and design your website for users not search engines, I should not encourage you to try to have this and that keyword density for your website. When you try to set your website on a special keyword density level, it means you are making your website for search engines not users and this is what that search engines don’t tolerate.

Your website should have the main keywords but their repetition should not look abnormal. You should not repeat the keywords intentionally to increase your website keyword density.

For example when your website is about “digital photography”, you will have this phrase in the title and description and you will talk about it in the home page body because you have to explain a little that what your website is about. This is enough and will make the optimum keyword density for your website and you can be sure that both Google and Yahoo will not have any problem with it.

Bottom line:

So what should you do briefly to have your website ranked both on Google and Yahoo?

  • A quality content that becomes updated from time to time will make a website that is eligible to be ranked on all the search engines. Such a website will be linked by the other websites without asking them to do that and so will have a good and organic link popularity. It is good to submit your websites to some of the reliable web directories but you should not waste your time and money for submitting your websites to all other web directories.
  • Have the main keywords in your website pages and specially the home page but do not try to over-optimize your websites by increasing the link popularity intentionally.
  • Try to have a neat and organized website with a good and user-friendly navigation system.
  • Try to add more fresh and unique content to your website all the time.

If you focus on all the above item you will see your website ranked in Google and then Yahoo after a while. MSN will also rank your website eagerly.

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