How to Lose Belly Fat and Keep It Off

Getting rid off belly fat or trying to lose inches off your belly is often easier said than done. There are many different ways to get rid off belly fat and a variety of points to consider if you want to lose inches around your stomach.

The good news is that there is no need to go on a strict diet to lose inches from around your stomach. It is better to eat well and exercise right to make sure you have enough energy to get fit. There are also some simple tricks to getting rid off belly fat which can be fitted into a modern day life style, and will help you to permanently keep the weight off.

Foods to help you lose Belly Fat

There are many foods which can help you to lose belly fat, and we are going to take a look at some of them in this article.

Grapefruit – A lot has been written about grapefruit over the years and there is even a Grapefruit diet. The question is does it work? Yes, the grapefruit diet does work but that doesn’t mean you have to follow it to the letter of the law. You can add elements from the Grapefruit diet into your every day life.

Scientists now know that grapefruit helps to keep you slim because it is rich in potassium and magnesium. Both magnesium and potassium help to speed up your metabolism so the food you eat is turned into nutrition quicker

Grapefruit also has a high water content which will make you feel fuller for longer. Starting your day off with half a grapefruit can only help you to lose belly fat.

New research from the University of Florida shows that grapefruit lovers are an average of 10 pounds lighter and have a lower body mass index than their none than people who do not eat grapefruit.

Salmon – Salmon and other cold water fish will also help you to lose weight and belly fat. All cold water fish are rich in Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids called EPA and DHA. EPA and DHA help us to lose weight but they are also good for our cardiovascular and nervous system.

Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids help us to lose weight and belly fat by attaching themselves to blood fats and flush them out of our bodies. They also help to increase circulation by making the arteries more elastic. Improved circulation means more oxygen can be transported around the body, and oxygen helps to breakdown body fat.

Cold water fish known to help you to lose inches and weight are:

• Salmon

• Tuna

• Mackerel

• Anchovy

• Sardines

Grains –Grains can really help us to lose weight around the stomach. Oats is the most common grain and is great for slow release energy. Adding oats to your breakfast will help you to feel full for most of the morning. There are however many other grains as well which can help you to slim down.

Brown Basmati Rice – ditch the white rice and go for some brown basmati rice instead. Brown basmati rice is full of fiber which will help you to convert your food into energy quicker and it also absorbs fat.

Buckwheat – Buckwheat is related to rhubarb, and it has the advantage of bring gluten-free. It is also high in soluble fiber and rich in protein. Protein is important when you are on a diet as it will help you to feel fuller for longer. If you are lover of Japanese food you will find buckwheat in soba noodles.

Quinoa – Quinoa is ancient grain which used to be cultivated by the Incas. It contains many essential amino acids which will help your body to digest food and it is also a complete protein. You will also be pleased to know that Quinoa is gluten free.

Apples – Apples can help you to slim down. Pectin in apples is added to many weight loss treatments as it helps to break down fat and may also help your body to reduce fat absorption. Apples also control blood sugar levels. The sugar in apples, fructose, is a slow release sugar and will help you to feel fuller for longer.

Adding apples to your cooking will help to break down fats contained in foods even before the food reaches your plate. Consider adding apples to pork dishes and chicken dishes. Apples are also an excellent snack when you are on a diet.

Healthy snacks for a Weight Loss Diet

• Apples

• Grapefruit

• Celery

• Nuts

• Wholegrain crisp breads

• Cottage cheese

• Cruciferous vegetables

• Bananas

• Oatcakes

Foods to Avoid

There are a few foods which you may want to avoid when you are trying to get rid off belly fat. The top offenders are high fats foods which also slow down your metabolism.

Red Meat – red meat such as beef contains more saturated fats. Saturated fats are more easily stored by the body, and can not only be found in visible fat such as belly fat but also in our arteries. The higher the fat content is in your body, the more likely you are to start to suffer from problems with obesity and being over weight. When we remove saturated fat from our body, it will function better and help to make us slimmer.

Bread – bread can be a very nutritious food but we need to eat the right type of bread. White bread has a very low nutritional value and often is high in sugar. Eating bread should be part of the everyday diet but it is important to make sure you eat the right type of bread. Good quality breads are an excellent source of fiber and vitamin B complex.

Best and Good Quality Breads

• Wholemeal bread is made from wholegrain flour

• Granary bread is made from brown flour with malted flour and added wheat germ

• Wheat germ bread is a mix of white and brown flour with added wheat germ

• High fiber bread often contains rice bran or soya hulls

Juices – fruit juices may sound really healthy but when it comes to supporting your diet you may want to think twice. Most commercially produced fruit juices are full in sugar and sugar means calories. If you are serious about wanting to lose belly fat and keep it off you may want to stay away from commercially produced fruit juices. The best alternative is to juice your own fruit or alternatively just eat fruit which is better for you anyway.

Potatoes – potatoes are not fattening but when you start combining them with meat and vegetables on the same plate your body has to work very hard to digest the food. When you have eaten a meal with potatoes you may feel sluggish or tired. This means your body is being forced to spend a lot of its energy processing the meal you have just eaten.

Consider eating just vegetables with your meat dishes. This simple action will help to kick start your diet. You can always have a jacket potato for lunch.

Spices can help you to get rid off Belly fat

Spices can help to speed up your metabolism and help you to lose weight as well. Don’t worry you can just add spices to your cooking there is no need to eat them separately.

Learning how to cook with spices is not very difficult and you don’t need to spice up your meal a lot to make this an effective addition to aid your diet.

Best Spices for Weight Loss

• Ginger

• Chillies and cayenne pepper

• Turmeric

• Black Pepper

• Cumin Seeds

Ginger – if you would like to improve your digestion ginger is one of the most important species to include in your cooking. It is a very versatile spice which works together with both meat and fish. It also tastes great in vegetable stir fries.

Chillies and Cayenne Pepper – Cayenne pepper is made from ground hot peppers and a small amount goes along way. Both chillies and cayenne pepper can help to improve digestion and they also help with circulation. Good circulation is very important when it comes to removing unwanted blood fats. In lab tests chilli has even been known to dissolve fat molecules.

Turmeric – turmeric is a great liver tonic and therefore helps to cleanse the blood.

Black Pepper – black pepper is well known to help to ease constipation and will help to keep your bowels in good working order. Problems with the bowel are well known to lead to bloating which can add inches to anybody’s stomach and belly.

Cumin Seeds – cumin seeds are a vital component of curry. It has been proven that curry can help to aid digestion as it assimilates food in the stomach quicker. Cumin seeds are the main contributors to this function.

The Best Exercises for Weight loss and less Belly Fat

If you are looking to get rid off belly fat it is vital to exercise. Surprisingly sit ups may not always be the best solution but a combination of aerobic and other exercises routines will help.

Best Aerobic Exercises for Weight Loss and Less Belly Fat

Burning calories and using up fat stores is important when you are trying to get rid off belly fat. Of course if you are a bit overweight you do want to be careful with exercise and make you sure you follow an exercise program which suits you. When it comes to exercise we all have different requirements and we can’t all just go out and run a marathon. Fortunately when it comes to aerobic exercises there are many forms of exercise that can help you to get rid off that excess weight and keep it off.

Remember it is a good idea to cross train. Cross training means you don’t do the same exercise everyday. When you fit in different exercises into your keep fit routine you will not only challenge your body differently every day, but you will also exercise different muscle groups.

Try the following exercises and find out which one suits you:

• Walking

• Swimming

• Cycling

• Dancing

Walking for Weight Loss

You will notice that I have not even mentioned running or jogging. They are both good ways of keeping fit but walking is a great alternative and better for your joints.

Walking for weight loss is sadly very much underrated but it is one of the best exercises for sustainable fitness. You can walk anywhere, and you can walk with a friend or on your own.

If you have never walked for fitness and weight loss purposes before you need to start off slowly. Don’t start off walking for one hour at the time if you have not one it before as it could cause a problem with joints and tendons. Here is the best way to do it:

Week 1: Walk slowly on a flat surface for twenty minutes six days of the week. It is a good idea to walk before a meal as this supports the body’s metabolism. Make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes and clothing which allows your skin to breathe.

Week 2: Extend your walking exercise to half an hour once a day, and ten minutes in the evening before you start to relax. During your half an hour’s walk try to alternate between a slow and fast pace. Warm up at a comfortable pace for the first five minutes, and then speed it up for three minutes. Keep this up for a couple of days and then extend the time you are walking fast until you are walking slow for five minutes and fast for five.

The evening walk is to help you keep up the routine of walking and it is a good idea to find a medium pace in between fast and slow. You want to feel a slight tingling and perhaps even pulsing sensation in your legs when you get back home.

Week 3: Extend your walking time per day to two sets of 30 minute walks. If you are beginning to feel fitter you should walk fast for over 20 minutes of your walks, and use the first and last five minutes for a warm up and cool down. By now you should feel that you are beginning to breathe easier and you may even be experiencing some fat loss.

Week 4: If you like you can now walk further and for longer but new research shows that walking more frequently is better for weight loss and cardio fitness. If you can fit in three 30 minutes walk per day it will really help your fitness and weight loss routine.

Also in week four try to bring in your arms into your walking exercising. It can be a good idea to invest in a pair of Nordic Walking Poles but a good alternative is to walk with your arms swinging.

Swimming for Weight Loss

Just like with walking do not start doing fifty laps of the pool straight away. Do consider adding swimming to your exercise routine but go swimming twice a week instead of every day.

Swimming is quite a unique exercise as it does not only give your body a good aerobic work out but also helps to tone up arms, legs and waist. It also helps to strengthen your back which can help to give you a better posture.

Cycling for Weight Loss

Cycling is another form of aerobic exercise which can really help you to lose weight. If you cycle at a good speed ( about 13 mph) you will burn about ten calories per minute. Cycling for ten minutes would mean you would have burnt 100 calories and in twenty minutes you can burn as much as 200 calories.

Don’t worry about going up hill or down hill. Cycling on the flat is just as good for you and will also tone your legs. Cycling up hills may help your cardio function but not add that much to the overall workout.

Dancing for Weight Loss

There are many different dancing styles and you are bound to find one which suits you. Line dancing, Zumba and Latin dance classes are available in many parts of the world.

Line dancing is a good aerobic work out which also helps you with your coordination. Zumba is a bit more intense and can be very high speed and is probably a less sustainable activity.

Latin dancing can help to increase your flexibility as well as get your pulse racing with the right partner.

And there is more . . .

There are even teas and certain health supplements which can help you to lose weight but before you start adding supplements to your diet you should always do your research. Ask yourself if the supplement is right for you and is it affordable.

Teas such as peppermint tea can also help you to lose weight and can be a great aid to inch loss. There are many to choose from but perhaps the best thing is to pop down to your local supermarket to see what they have available.

Overall a positive mental attitude, persistence and a desire to lose weight will help you to succeed. Only ever embark on a diet or weight loss program if you are ready for it and have the right mind set.

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