How To Make a Homemade iPad SmartCover

A few years ago, Apple released the brand new iPad 2, featuring several new, cool, and useful features. One of these include the built in magnetic sides that could be used with Apple’s new SmartCover. The basic idea of it was when you lift it up, the device turns on, and when you put it back down, it turns off. Many people looked forward to this awesome addition, and bought it right away. But a few, such as I, wanted something more affordable. After browsing through the world wide web, I came across two different ways to create your own homemade SmartCover for the iPad 2.

Method 1: Without an already bought iPad cover/case (Scroll down for with)

What you need:

  • Cardboard
  • Any type of fabric
  • a small, strong magnet
  • Staples/glue/tape (whatever you prefer)
  • strong glue (preferably hot glue)
  • And an iPad (obviously)

The first step is to get the right measurements. I got them for the iPad 2 directly from the Apple website: it’s about 10×8 inches. Cut the cardboard to that length, along with the fabric. Cut another quick fabric of that measurement, too. We’ll need it. Next, on the cardboard, make three even creases across it, going vertical, like this:

Then, take one piece of the cut out fabric and staple, glue, or tape it onto either side of the cardboard.  Repeat it on the other side of the cardboard with the other piece of fabric. I personally prefer hot glue, so that’s what I used. I do not suggest school glue. If you use a thin fabric, the glue may be soaked up by the liquid and make it very frustrating to use. Don’t use glue sticks; it’s just not sticky enough. Let it dry, then go onto the next step.

The Next Step: Here’s where we need a bit of experimenting. Take your magnet and iPad (make sure it’s on), and slide the magnet across the right side of it. When you come to a certain area, the iPad should turn off. If not, go to Settings>iPad Cover Lock/Unlock, and make sure it’s on. When you reach the area, make a mental note on where it is. Next, lay the cardboard (covered in fabric) on top of the iPad. Glue the magnet on the spot that made it turn the iPad on.

Note: It would be on the on the left side of the cardboard, since when you put it on the iPad, it will be the opposite of the direction that you are seeing it now.  Basically, just glue the magnet on the left side. Also, do NOT glue the magnet on the iPad, ONLY on the cardboard.

Once you do that, pretty much all you have to do is glue/staple/tape a small piece of fabric to cover the magnet. (This is optional. You only need to do it if you don’t want the iPad scratched. Now test it out. Put it over the iPad. If it up. Does it turn on? If not, you probably didn’t put the magnet in the right spot. If so, good for you. It works!

Method 2: With an already bought iPad cover/case (Scroll upfor without)

What you need:

  • an iPad case/cover
  • a small, strong magnet
  • strong glue (preferably hot glue)
  • an iPad (obviously)

Basically all you have to do if you already have an iPad case is insert the magnet onto the right location. (See the first method for how to find it.) After you do that, you are pretty much done. As you can see, it’s much easier if you have the case.

Thank you for reading this how-to article. I hope it helps you, and I want you to enjoy the features of the SmartCover, even if you can’t afford to buy the official one. Thanks!

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