How to Make Money Consigning Things

I’ve never been a hoarder, but I have watched the show Hoarders…& if that isn’t enough to make you clean out your closet…well I’m not sure what would be. Not only does going through your things reduce excess clutter & crap in your house, it also tends to make you feel better. Not to mention, can make you a bit of money.

Before you start rummaging through your house, look for your local consignment store, & start asking some questions. Do they only take things that are in season? For example, if it is December you would want to bring your old winter coats, pants, boots etc. You would not be making any money if you brought them a bag full of tank tops, cutoff shorts, & flip flops.

Do they take furniture, paintings, dishes etc? How do they expect you to bring them these items? Some consignment stores will not accept things in garbage bags. Just a little heads up, that you may need to get some boxes or brown paper bags for your stuff.

Finally how will they pay you? At our local consignment store they split the profit in half. If they price my old pair of jeans for $20.00 & someone buys them, the store makes $10.00 & I make $10.00. Not a bad deal, considering those jeans were taking up closet space in my house, & I hadn’t worn them in over a decade. You can make some real money with pricier items, such as name brand sunglasses, jewelry, and furniture. Next time you get a bunch of Christmas gifts you don’t like, and don’t have a receipt to take them back, you know what to do. Take them to the consignment store, & get some money out of those horrendous gifts. Just hope the person that bought you the gift, doesn’t go shopping at the same consignment store.

We have several consignment stores near us, so I checked all of them out & chose the one that I believed to be the best fit with my belongings. Where I pictured them selling. I also found a consignment store that strictly sells children’s things. Now when I feel overwhelmed by the amount of clothes & toys my son has piling up, I sneak a few to the children’s consignment store. I find that the children’s consignment store tends to get away with telling you there are stains on the clothes, & paying you much less. Still, money is money…& the less clutter in my house the better.

I consign things every season. When I buy new clothes, I take some of the old to the consignment store. The store will issue you an account number. You can write the account number on the bags that you take them, and call or stop by anytime to find out your account balance. They will usually let you purchase things in the store with the balance, or just write you a check. I prefer the check!

If you decide to get really into consigning, you can hit up garage sales, & score items for really cheap & then turn around and consign them. Anything that you get for close to nothing that you do not want, is worth consigning in my opinion. So the next time your Mom tries to pawn off some of her old furniture or lamps on you, take it…then consign it. I doubt she will even notice, unless it has some serious value or family history.

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