How to Make Money from Pinterest

At present, Pinterest is the new trend on the internet. Lots and lots of users are eagerly sharing and posting their favorite images on the website which is becoming very popular by the day among all classes of people. It is actually a new type of social communication taking place online. On pinterest users can like and repin their own images to their own boards and also follow each others boards if they want. Pinterest offers unlimited amounts of photo and image sharing. It is, therefore, no surprise that a lot of online marketers are sharing the images of their products.

Simply by pinning just one image of their product choice, they can have an effect that can go viral for their product on Pinterest.  Naturally that could bring in additional traffic to their website and eventually result in earning more revenue when their products are purchased. With Pinterest, you can even make money on autopilot. Lots and lots of online businesses and social marketers have already discovered the traffic and the great desire pinterest creates when you post images on it. Manufacturers of beauty products having an online store can post the images of their range of products to a board on Pinterest.

When the online businesses and social marketers post the images of their range of products to a board on pinterest, each and every image will lead the visitors to their sales page through a link. Likewise, if you post images on your board, it will attract other users to repin it and like it. And when they will click on the image you uploaded, they will be directed to the sales page of your product. Even if you post just one image on pinterest, it could bring lots and lots of new customers who may be interested in your product.

An automated method is also a way to make money from pinterest.
Making money on pinterest can be reliably easy when you have your own website and your own products to promote and sell. On the other hand, for people who do not have their own website or their own products, learning to make money and that too in a short period of time on pinterest may be a difficult task. In order to overcome this difficulty, you can adopt the method of posting images from pinterest user feeds that are popular and then post them to a blog automatically.

Google’s adsense ads can be shown at the side of the images in the blog and you can earn from those ads as and when some visitor clicks them. Thereafter, to post the images to pinterest via your blog’s feed you can very well make use of a service available for this purpose that will plan the same. Posting these images automatically to your board on Pinterest is always good. This will result in more likes and more repins. Likewise it will also produce more traffic for your blog and will eventually increase the possibility of more clicks on Adsense.

In order to get lots and lots of visitors to your blog, you only need to make just one image from your boards to become viral on pinterest. This may as well result in a good amount of income from adsense. So it is definitely advisable to open an account on pinterest and learn the money making method on it. First of all you will require some hosting service to accumulate the images that can be automatically posted to the blog.  Here you need to know that a blog with blogger of Google do not host images whereas WordPress does.

Godaddy is cheap when you compare it with other hosting services. In the test of making use of this method, this was the hosting company used. Next you have to create a blog and for this purpose, is preferred. Once you create a blog, give it an image oriented name or a good picture name. In the right hand side column of the blog, make certain to use one 160×600 wide skyscraper adsense ad and the watermark template. You have to change the settings on your blog so that it will show only two image posts on home page.

On pinterest, unless and until you have at least a few hundred followers, it will not have any effect to pin images to your account in pinterest. There is nevertheless an automated service available to help you follow automatically and thus receive new followers. You have to ensure using this automated service for at least three times a day so as to start getting a balanced flow of new followers. As and when you have a follower base of at least six hundred people, you have to take hold of a feed of a contributor who is popular on pinterest.

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