How to Make Money on Bubblews

Bubblews is a relatively new site, and it is still a bit of a mystery to many online writers.

It was launched on February 2, 2012 and it has since dramatically increased its membership.

For many first time writers and bloggers, it is the first site they turn to when starting to write and blog on line. The site promises fast earnings but it is not without it fair share of problems.

Due to its many users it does experience considerable down time and many users eventually give up.

There have also been some disputes about non payment but overall writers and bloggers seem to get paid. I have been writing on Bubblews since May 2013 and not experienced any problems with payments. It seems as long as you stick to the rules which are displayed on the Bank page you will get your payment. On an average I earn about $200 on the site per month.

Many writers spend all their time on Bubblews but I personally prefer to divide up my time between Bubblews and other sites.

Bubblews’ earnings concept is rather unique but once you have figured it out you can earn quite well on the site even on a part time basis. The key to earning on Bubblews is to interact with other contributors to the site.

How to earn on Bubblews

Bubblews likes to pitch itself as a social networking site and makes claims to be the new Facebook site for bloggers.

You can earn on Bubblews in the following ways:

• Getting Likes from other writers on Bubblews

• Comments on your posts

• Social Media Shares

• Referral Program

Likes from other Bubblers

As soon as you have published a new post you will find your post will probably be “bombarded” by other writers clicking on the like button of your article. You will find that you soon build up a band of local followers that religiously click on the “Like” button.

You can see who has liked your article under Notifications which are displayed in what I call the dashboard.

Every time you “receive” a like you will earn 0.01 cents. Over time this builds up so if your post receives twenty “Likes” you will have earned 20 cents. It is generally expected that you will “like” the other writers’ posts as well. It is a good idea to return the favor as often writers will come back to your new posts to hit the like button again. So if you publish ten articles per day and each article receives 20 likes you would have earned $2.

Comments on Bubblews

Below the article and advertising space there is a comments section. Each post can achieve an unlimited amount of comments. For every comment left you will also receive 1 cent.

Some articles do not receive any comments at all and therefore do not earn anything from comments. Other articles receive hundred of comments and 100 comments will mean you have earned $1. The average amount of comments per post tends to be between ten and twenty. In other words after twenty comments you will have earned 20 cents for the post.

The user name of the person who left the comment will be visible and you can link back to profile page of that writer. You can now choose to leave a comment on one of their posts.

Social Media Shares on Bubblews

On the left hand side of the post you have six social media buttons available:

• Facebook

• Twitter

• Google Plus

• InShare from LinkedIn

• Tumblr

• Pinit from Pinterest

Every time a visitor to your post shares your article on social media you will also earn 1 cent. I can’t say the social media share button are used as much as the comments or like buttons but they are growing in popularity.

Referral Program on Bubblews

Bubblews do have a referral program and it seems to vary how much you get paid.

Every so often they seem to have a recruitment drive. During that time you can earn as much as $1 for every new writer you refer to Bubblews. There is a link provided which automatically credits the earnings from the referral program to your accounts page.

Bubblews call the accounts page the Bank and all your financial activity is clearly displayed there.

It can be quite fun to see your totals creep up as others like, comment and social media share your post.

A bit more on Bubblews

Bubblews will pay you by Paypal. They call the payment a redemption and there are a lot of references on the site to the Green Button which is what you need to click on in order to receive payment.

Once you have hit the Green Redeem Button you will be asked to fill in your contact details and your Paypal email. The minimum you can redeem is $50 but most writers redeem in between $53 – $55. It takes in between 7 to 15 days to receive the payment and it is normally sent to you in the way of an E-check.

There are four different profile lay outs. The profile lay out which works the best is Informer as it shows your last five posts and top five posts.

The maximum amount of posts you can make per day is ten, and each post needs to have at least 400 characters.

As always don’t forget to attribute images correctly and the maximum image size is 1MB.

Bubblews is indeed a bit of a new comer and seems to be going through a lot of trials and tribulations but it may be worth your time on a part time basis.

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