How to Make Money to Support and Promote Your New Online Business

Every form of business requires finance to commence its operations. In that regard, online business can’t be an exception to it. If you compare the cost of running a traditional brick and mortar business to online business, you’ll find that online business emerges as a clear winner. With the help of free blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger, anyone can setup a blog or website in a matter of minutes. However, if you’re really serious about making your mark on the internet, you got to have a professional approach towards it. At the minimal, online business demands certain costs for domain, hosting, design, maintenance, etc and if you’re just starting your career, you may find it extremely harsh to arrange the requisite funds. It might be that you’re still unemployed or perhaps on your final year of college. For all of you, there are comprehensive solutions to this problem. In fact, internet offers a plethora of money making opportunities. While it can support your living, it will also help you raise finance for your proposed online business.


Freelancing has never been so popular than in the last decade or so. With the advent of internet, millions of people got a platform where they could offer their inherent talents in return for cash. Full time job holders embrace freelancing to make few extra bucks while work at home moms found a new avenue for part time employment. Freelancing has revolutionized the whole process of business outsourcing.

Compared to all jobs available for freelancing, writing comes naturally as the most easiest and comfortable one. If you have a flair for writing, you can join a reputed freelancing company and apply for writing jobs there. Writers are the next big thing these days as more and more websites require fresh contents on a daily basis. Don’t think that only writers can embark on freelancing, every other professional have established a career for themselves in freelancing.  However, writing is the only job that doesn’t require any specific skill. Unlike web designing or application developing that require a certified degree at the minimum, writers can come from any background. Many successful freelance writers have ditched their original profession and have taken to freelance writing. Today, there are examples of teenage writers making five figures income annually just by writing articles. Even employers are always willing to pay competitive rates to writers who produce effective results for their client’s business through writing.

You should definitely leverage on this new dynamic profession, not only for raising funds for your online business but also to put yourself on to the shoes of a writer and get that first hand experience of being a freelance writer. Most of the aspiring entrepreneurs who took to freelance writing as a source of part time income later resorted to it full time after witnessing the scope for work and success opportunities freelancing has to offer.

A million dollar question for now is where to start freelancing. After all, there are so many places on the internet that tout themselves as the best platform for writers to showcase their talents; it becomes arduous at times to zero in on a definite website. Before you embark on freelancing, you should take into notice few things that could make your freelancing journey a pleasurable one. First and foremost, you need to conduct a thorough research of the website you’re contemplating joining. While researching, always give preference to independent forums since those are the places where you’ll find honest praises or criticisms. Word of mouth publicity is the best form of publicity so if you see a fellow writer boasting of positive remarks about a company, you might want to give a sneak peak at its website to see what’s in store for you. If it’s a good platform and offers attractive pay rates, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try your hands at it.

Paid online surveys

If you belong to the category of 9 to 5 job holders and also want to start your own online business, you’re not alone. With the whole world going online, it comes as an obvious choice for you to plunge into this new form of business. Since you’ve a job, you don’t require adopting freelancing, that’s what many would think. You can easily save a certain percentage from your monthly pay check and invest that in your online business. But it’s far from being so easy. You might have taken a home loan or for that matter a car loan so a huge chunk of your monthly revenue goes in the form of mortgage payments. Then, there are numerable forms of insurance premium you need to pay apart from incurring the obvious cost for various utility payments like electricity, water, gas, etc. You might find it extremely hard to break even on your income with such huge expenses. Does that mean there’s no way out for you or do you need to sacrifice your dream of owning an online business? Definitely not.

Apart from freelancing, there are various other legitimate money making opportunities available on the internet. One of the most convenient and fruitful option that comes instantly to my mind is taking paid online surveys. Hang on for a minute; internet is inundated with all sorts of scams and false promises of get rich quick schemes, so you’d better take adequate precaution before signing up for any survey offers. One golden advice I can suggest you is never pay any fees to join a survey company. It’s not that you need to pay them but the matter of fact is they are the ones who’ll pay you for your valuable suggestions. So if someone asks for an upfront fee for taking paid surveys, there is every chance that you’re dealing with a fraud company.

Survey companies partner with large corporations in an effort to gather user feedback by testing their products. So what you need to do is select a category of products that you use daily and give an unbiased feedback on your interaction with the product. There are many legitimate survey companies offering paid survey so always sign up for multiple surveys offers to increase your chances of earning more from it.

Which option to consider

Taking surveys doesn’t require you to involve on any form of research unlike freelance writing so survey jobs are more convenient compared to freelancing. However, when it comes to earning, the latter scores the maximum marks since you can’t expect to rake in thousands of dollars by taking easy surveys. But the money you make from surveys is more than enough to complement your online business. While online surveys can only provide a back up option for income, freelancing has the potential to replace your full time profession. The choice is yours, which one you’d like to take. One thing is certain though. With both of these options at your disposal, you don’t need to give up on your dream of running an online business.

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