How to Move Your Blog from Blogspot to WordPress

After getting good popularity, several bloggers shift their blog from Blogspot to WordPress, as WordPress is now becomes the most efficient and popular blogging platform. The bloggers enjoy a lot of special features that helps them to promote and bring more and more traffic to their blog. However, you may face certain problems in moving your blog from Blogspot to WordPress. You have to face a number of problems such as unable to use 301 direct, losing search engine rank, losing RSS subscribers, etc. while changing platform of your current blog. The most important thing, you do not have to lose your visitors due to shift from BlogSpot to WordPress. Here are some tips for you to get rid of these problems and move your blog successfully on WordPress:

Before implementing any procedure, it is better for you to back-up your blog including XML template, comments, and posts, so as to sit on the safe side.

Step 1: If you haven’t done this so far, register new web domain, then buy server space from a good web hosting company. Try to buy space from a company that offers MySQL/ PHP hosting, which would be better for you blog. After that, install WordPress Software on the new domain. You will get a number of options for hosting such as Dreamhost, GoDaddy, KnowHost, Media Temple, Blue Host, and many more. A number of services offer single click WordPress installation, which can help you to install everything buy your own. You may not require the help of professional or geek for this task.

Step 2: Go to the WordPress Admin Dashboard > Tools > Import & Select blogger option. Then, Authorize your WordPress to access your Account in Google and within few minutes, all your old data, blog posts, comments, etc. will be available in your new WordPress website.

Step 3: Copy the file in your WordPress themes directory. Then, rename that file as blogger.php from blogger.php.txt. You can use either Web FTP or Putty with Wget for accessing your WordPress themes directory, which will be located on web server. If you want any credentials or other details, you can check you cPanel for whole information.

Step 4: Open the WordPress Dashboard, then go to option ‘pages’ > Add new page. After that, keep the URL and title of the page as blogger, and then select ‘blogger’ from Template drop down option. Click on ‘Save’. There will be no need for you to add content to the page.

Step 5: Open ‘Template Generator’ and type full address of the new WordPress blog. This will include the trailing slash as well as http://. This tool will make a new and classic template for your blog.

Step 6: Open Blogger Dashboard > Layout > Edit HTML & choose the option “revert to classic blog”. Then, copy-paste the template you have already generated in the area of ‘edit template’ and click on the option ‘Save Template Changes’.

You are done: The above steps will lead you to successfully move your blog from Blogspot to WordPress. Now, any page you open from your old blog will redirect you to your corresponding WordPress page. Moreover, as you are using permanent 301 direct with your redirection ULRs, all the traffic that your blog is catching through Google will reach your new WordPress blog. Means, there will be no loss regarding traffic in your new WordPress blog. Moreover, when you move to WordPress, the RSS feed address of your blog will also change. Thus, you must update your new address of RSS feed: go to blogger > settings > site feed, and then type address of the new WordPress RSS in the given space. This will automatically move Bloglines, Google Reader etc to your new feed.

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