How to Plan for Your Success in Life

The distilled experience of many generations has proven the following statement to be so profoundly true that it needs no elaboration:

To achieve success in life. all you have to do is that you arrange your efforts in an organized and well-planed pattern and focus them on your specific goal.

How well is your life organized? Do you have a blueprint and plan for living? How carefully do you follow this blueprint?

I am not a disciple of that philosophy which believes that all civilization is a confused mankind rushing toward total destruction. But I do feel in all sincerity that more people fail in their ambitions because of poor organization and lack of direction than for any other reason.

I am confident that if we stopped the first two dozen people we met on the street and questioned them, we would find that most of them have no pattern of thought or effort and, perhaps, that a few could give no satisfactory reason why they even got out of bed that morning. Is it any wonder that the great majority of people today will have little else than social security on which to depend when they reach the age of retirement?

Let me give you a formula and plan for living, which will completely change your life if you adopt it and follow it conscientiously. I guarantee that if you stick to it, the flood gates of abundance will open and the good things of life will flow over you in such quantities that you will never be the same again.

Unless you accept this code of living with an open mind, however, it will have no meaning for you. If you belong to that sophisticated and cynical group who, in essence, say, “My mind is made up — don’t confuse me with the facts,” neither this code nor even this book has anything to offer you. A person’s mind is like an umbrella — of no use at all unless it is open. Don’t be like the old Arizona rancher whose mind was so closed that he held to the conviction even unto death that cars and airplanes were just gimmicks to drive the price of horses down.

This magic formula will help you organize your life in a definite pattern and direct it toward specific goals. If it is written indelibly in your mind, engraved deeply in your memory and etched into your very existence, and then followed conscientiously, I say without fear of contradiction that you are already a success in life. Maybe you will be required to wait briefly for the fruits of success but you are already a success. You will have already acquired the priceless stock of a successful and happy life, though you may be required to wait a short period of time for the dividends to be declared.

And now for the formula:

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