How to Prolong Your iPhone 5 Battery Life and Life Span

In order to get the most usage from your iPhone, you have to take care of your battery.  Used properly, you will enjoy a more satisfying service from the iPhone and especially not losing calls or any activity.  There is a definite change in the way you handle the battery. With a traditional nickel battery, you would have to let it totally wear down and then recharge it, but this is not true with the new and improved iPhone battery.

Battery lifespan is defined as the total amount of time that the battery will last before it needs to be replaced.  Battery life is the amount of time before the battery has to be recharged.  We will address both of these conditions in this article.

First of all is the battery lifespan.  This is by far the most critical for the operation of your iPhone 5 or even earlier versions.  Mostly common sense prevails in lengthening your batteries lifespan.  The sun is not your friend when you are trying to extend your battery life.  Keep the iPhone out of the sun or even out of a hot car.  The heat that is generated from these conditions will deplete the battery lifespan quickly.  The performance of the iPhone will begin to run slower and with less light on the screen at this point you will have to make a decision as to whether you are able to replace the battery yourself or opt to go to a certified Apple dealer.

Before replacing the battery, it is important to understand the workings of the iPhone.  Of course, it is important to keep up-to-date on the latest software.  Some of these updates affect the battery life.  Apple is always making improvement on the batteries to make them last longer.  The quickest way to get these updates is to connect to iTunes and chose “Update”.  Connect your iPhone to your computer then follow the steps to select iPhone from the Source List.  In the summary screen, click “Check for Updates” and if there is any update for your version of the iPhone it will load it onto your phone. All that you have to do is to click “Update” and it will start.

If your iPhone is running iOS5, you can wirelessly update it to the latest versions.  This is a great time saver because you do not need to have your computer to use it.  The process is to simply go to Settings, General, Software Update and the screen will guide you through the process.  This is the simplest and most time sensitive way to extend your battery life.  If you are having problems with your battery life span you will need to review how you are handling it on a daily basis.  For example, the heat is not a friend of the iPhone battery, therefore, if you are charging your phone in an enclosed area, extra heat will be generated.  Caution should be taken to charge the battery in an area that is not enclosed so that the battery does not get overheated.  Another common mistake is to keep your iPhone in your glove compartment.  This is a way you keep theives from snatching it, however, the heat in the glove compartment adversely affects the battery.

One problem that you might discover with the battery life span is when you do not plan on using the iPhone for a while.  Store it in a cool place with 50-75% battery life and make sure that it is shut off.  There are problems with them if stored without any battery power because it might experience some loss of battery capacity which means that it will have a shorter life.  On the other hand, if it is full then it could fall into what is called a “deep discharge state” which is simply means that it will not hold any charge later.  Storing it for long periods of time is not advisable so try to use it a little each day.  Usually this is not a problem.

Battery life is a little different.  Battery life is how long you can use you iPhone without charging it.  If you find that your battery life is not as long as you would like there are some very practical things that you can do, for example,  you can change your setting on your your backlight to “always on” causing the battery to use more power, therefore, turn this setting to backlight only when necessary.

The Wi-Fi connections for your iPhone consume much power.  The iPhone 5 has the longest battery life but even this version will not last as long on the Wi-Fi.  The Wi-Fi uses power even when it is not on.  If you turn it off you can save power.  Go to Settings and find network and turn the Wi-Fi on and off as you need it.

Another setting that uses much of your battery is the screen.  By adjusting the brightness so that it is not on the highest brightness level is a good idea.  Dimming the screen settings will lengthen the battery life.  You do this again through your Settings menu. Set the auto brightness on and the screen will power up when you are touching it and dim when not in use.

The battery life and battery lifespan are greatly increasing with each version of the iPhone, as with the iPhone 5 being hailed as the longest battery life.  Using the simple ideas in this article will help prolong your current battery life and life span.  You will be able to stream more music and enjoy more pictures before you need to recharge your phone.

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